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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Writer's Bump

Yes, you read that correctly. Writer's bump. I refuse to call my situation writer's block. I desperately need to finish my manuscript. I've got the chapters plotted out to a point, and I have the previous scene up on the screne to refresh my memory of what I wrote earlier. So I sit there... and I stare... and I blink to bring my brain into focus. Why can't I write down that opening sentence? Why is this so dang difficult?

It's not that I can't write a scene or entire chapter once I've gotten the first sentence done, because every seems to flow smoothly from that point on. But it takes so long to get my brain over that speed bump of creativity. My writing car just keeps rocking, and gunning its engine. Vroom...vroom... okay lady take your foot off the brake. Vroom... and then the engine stalls. Yeah. sigh

Last night, however, I pushed past the hump and finished a chapter and actually wrote a bit for the next chapter (which was supposed to be the last chapter of the book until the hero decided he needed more camera time--camera hog!). I wanted to keep writing but was late for a meeting. So I'll get back at it during my lunch break today.

Can anyone else relate to this issue? If so, how do you get passed the bump? Or am I just certifiably insane?


Erin Sinclair said...

Yep, and I don't argue with it. It's my mind's way of telling the rest of me to take a break for a moment. When the fingers start itching I know it's time to write again. :-D

Erin Sinclair
"For love that's out of this world!"

Lynn Crain said...

I so know what this is.

Most of the time for me, it's because I've been on a long, and I mean long, writing jag and am just wore out. This means I must take time off to recoup and regenerate.

I hate it when I know what to write and just don't do it. I've always wondered why but have learned to go with the flow and do it as it comes.

Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's not. The key for me is to not let it overwhelm me and we get along much better. LOL!

Hope this helps!


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