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Monday, February 15, 2010

Many Shades of Kadian Tracey Romance

Hello Everyone!

First I'd like to thank my lovely host(esss)(e)s C.R Moss and all the other authors here at the Many Shades of Life and Love for having me. I promise to try and be good--hopefully they won't come back to having the joint smoldering *crosses fingers behind back*.

Happy belated Valentine's Day and to everyone who celebrate the Chinese New Year I have to say "Gong Hei Fat Choi!" --the Chinese New Year Gala was yesterday so yeah--anyways. A little about me. My name is Kadian Tracey but some of you may know me as Kendra Mei Chailyn. No matter what name I write under though I write predominately interracial romance and as you may have seen I ADORE mixing cultures to the max. I have an associates in Radio Broadcasting and I am currently finishing up my university career then I have to actually become a real adult *sobs* I have about two and a half month to go before I graduate with my B.A! I am published with Devine Destinies, Red Rose Publishing and DCL Publications as Kadian Tracey--Anyways--

Today I shall be speaking about the Many Shades of Romance that I write. I believe strongly in the saying "if the good lord didn't want us all to mix he wouldn't have created us all" got that one from a friend of mine when I was in high school. I do not understand why people always say to me "you should stick to your own." What in the hell does that even mean? My Own? I mean--what is that? I think love is as my website says--true love is colour blind. It shouldn't have anything to do with the colour of your skin or your background. I always try to find cultures that you probably wouldn't normally see in a romance and kinda just stick em in. I am trying to find cultures that normally fight with each other, stick em together and sit before my computer with that smarmy look on my face, arms folded, eyes twinkling thinking "HA! Now you're in love--lemme see you fight! muahahahaha!" Yes I do get carried away at times but that's being creative---right? -------right?

So a few years ago I wrote a christmas story titled "Coming Home for Christmas" and submitted it to this one publisher. I was quickly told to change the main male character from Indian (India) to Native Indian because the way it was written it wouldn't sell. Colour me shocked! I am still so hurt that I am still sitting on the story. Needless to say, I haven't submitted anything else to them because let's face it, I take offence to a reasoning like that. If the story didn't fit their category all they had to say was that it didn't fit. Anyways, I've never published with them and won't in the future for that one reason. Ok--so here are some of my main Shades so far--

Shade One - Black
So my first Kadian Tracey release with Red Rose Publishing is titled "Desert Protector" and I think I sorta had the fans of "Sheikhs, desert Princes etc" having heart-attacks all over the joint--why? Instead of making the story like every other Sheikh story I've ever ready with the Sheikh kidnapping the Caucasian, blond woman, taking her back to his castle and making mad, passionate love to her I flipped the script. My Desert Prince is sexy--yes but the female is a kick ass sistah with a couple of guns and a short fuse! Talk about a complete departure from the norm!

Shade Two - Chinese
My latest release, A Lover's Wish--has an African American female and a Chinese Male--*gasp* let me tell you how shocked some of my 'friends' were when they saw the cover! I released it first on my private facebook and boy-howdy were they shocked! With that story I aimed to kinda step smack dab in the middle of the myths that 'Asian males do not like black girls" or that "Asian male has small---" well, you know *blush*. I mean who came up with those bull? A good man is a good man.

Future Shades
This is where I add all the characters I want to use in the coming future:
Indian (not Native Indian but Indian as in Indian etc)
And I'm pretty sure I'll add to this list in the future...Ok, so below is my trailer for a Lover's Wish

Oh before that: My Links
When Doves Cry (my blog):
My website -
Facebook: Kendra Mei Chailyn

Well, I must go--Don't want to keep ranting--thanks again and remember, True Love is colour Blind!

Kadian Tracey


C.R. Moss said...

thanks for joining us here. it's a pleasure to have you with us today.

Erin Sinclair said...

Welcome and more power to your imagination! You are correct love is blind, period, but the soul is not. ;-D

Erin Sinclair

Kadian Tracey said...

Ah yes, Erin, I've heard that one too...the soul may not be blind but sometimes we all wish it was *sigh*

And thanks C.R!!


Lynn Crain said...

It was great having you, Kadian!

I just love the idea of mixing as well...LOL!

You're video is great as are your covers!


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