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Saturday, February 20, 2010

This ones for the ladies

Hello Ladies,

Now, I know that it's not Breast Cancer Month, at least I think it's not. However, I wanted to share something with you that happened to me recently.

As usual, I went and had the dreaded Mammogram done, because it's just one of those horrid things we women need to endue. You know what I mean. Any ways, they found a lump. Yes, you know I worried about it. Who wouldn't?

It turns out that it was just a liquid filled cyst. Nothing to worry about, thank God! Now, many of you may not know that I was laid off and don't have insurance so the cost came out of my own pocket.

When unemployed, Mammograms can be expensive, and if you need extra tests done, like I did, it comes down to which bill will get put off to cover the tests needed. Believe me, I've been there and done that!

Here's the thing ladies, while doing some research I found out that there are numerous places available to help us, unemployed women cover the cost of these tests.

In my area there's two places that offer voucher's - Catholic Charities, and the Breast Cancer Center at Baylor. Check your local hospitals or better yet call the Susan G. Komen Center and ask them if there's a place around you that offers assistance.

No one in their right mind wants a Mammogram, but the excuse of not affording it, just flew out the window.

Now, there's no good reason not to keep up with your annual boobie check!


Erin Sinclair said...


Been there, know that feeling! When I was 42 I finally screwed up the courage to have the 'gram done. They found a "shadow" and wanted to do a spot check. Went back, turns out because I didn't do a base line mammo when young they had nothing to compare my "older" breasts to my "younger" breasts. They found it to be fibroid and wanted me to come back within six months. That was almost five years ago. Right now I don't have insurance, so thank you, it's good to know there are options.

By the way, who knew you should do a baseline mammo? I sure didn' all our young female readers should know, go get a baseline mammogram done, keep your written test results and ask for copies of the actual x rays as well so that in the future your doctor will have a test for comparison.

Erin Sinclair
"For love that's out of this world!"

Annie Alvarez said...


That was great advice. Every woman should have a baseline to compare the "younger" to the "older" breast. The problem I see is that women don't know this little tidbit. For some reason, it isn't information that's getting around. :(

Most of the centers I found that offer vouchers, cover the cost of having biopsies and more testing done, if needed. And Catholic Charities offers vouchers for annual Pap's, too.

I know that without insurance, my priorities have changed a bit. Not a happy thing to see happen, but resources are out there. Glad I could give you some ideas. :)

Lynn Crain said...

I've been through this experience a few times and even a breast biopsy. It's something that I was really concerned about the first time and now just let them know it is not a day to squish my boob! LOL!

When I had my very first one, they found a lump and I didn't take it well. Breast cancer doesn't run in my family and I do feel you need to have that connection. What my turned out to be was calcification which happens on women with larger breasts. The only thing about the whole experience that was bad was the fact my doctor wouldn't talk to me at all about it. And considering my doctor is a woman, I wasn't happy at all.

Still, everything you said is true and while it is a necessary 'evil' it is one everyone needs to go through yearly.

Thanks for the reminder!


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