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Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Moments

I’ve been caught up in watching Olympic Curling and Hockey this past week. As I write this Team Canada is about to play against Team USA in hockey. Yea! Go Team USA! During the pre-coverage of the game, the announcers were talking about the “Miracle on Ice” and it made me think of memorable Olympic Moments. The two that came immediately to mind were the “Miracle on Ice” moment in 1980

and Torvill and Dean’s ice dance routine in 1984 (which still moves me and give me chills as it had when I first saw it)

Then in the ’96 Summer Olympics there was the moment when Kerri Strug still vaulted with her bum ankle.
The other evening while watching men's curling I thought it was special how the audience sang the Canadian national anthem during the Canada v. Great Britain match.
What are some memorable Olympic moments for you?

1 comment:

Lynn Crain said...

Thanks for bringing back some great memories...these were fantastic pieces.

The only ones I would add wold be in skiing. I loved the year when a complete unknown, I want to say Bill Myer but I'm not sure, won the gold in the downhill. He never did another thing. And Picabo Street who was just wonderful.

But you got my two all time favorites here. I forgot just how wonderful Torvil and Dean were. They were perfection.

Thanks again!


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