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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sleep Talking...Cat???

I have a blog I check out every morning call The Sleep Talking Man. Some of you may have heard of it, if not, I suggest you check it out because it's hysterical! A woman started recording her husband's sleep talking then posting his sayings on the blog. One of my favorites is: Don't put the duck there, it's totally irresponsible. Put it on the swing, it will have more fun.

Anyhoo... I know many people who talk in there sleep, even know those who walk in their sleep. I'm one who will talk, giggle, jump up in bed frantic over dream spiders, yell at my husband for eating all the donuts. Yep, I fully admit it.

And then there's the snoring. I don't snore I occassionally snort. My husband snores periodically, as does my cat. But just recently, we discovered that my cat Susie has a new talent. She talks in her sleep.

I know, you're scratching your head trying to figure out how a cat can talk in her sleep. Well, okay, so she's not quoting from the encyclopedia, but she meows and murmurs and grumbles. And she doesn't do it in hushed kitty tones. Heck no, she belts those yowls midnight! I thought the talking was reserved to early morning. However, yesterday she was sleeping on my lap as I worked on my newest novel, and she started whimpering. I thought she was in pain so I started petting her. Then she started chattering/chirping and kicking her back foot. She was totally asleep. Weird!!

Ah, if I only had a kitty-dialect translator... I'd start my own Sleep Talking Kitty blog.


Erin Sinclair said...

I think that's damn cute, Johanna! My dogs run and bark in their sleep, why not a kitty?


C.R. Moss said...

That's cute! Our animal(s) snore and talk -sometimes- in his (their) sleep too. & Love the Sleep Talking Man!
(referencing those who went over the rainbow bridge)

Johanna said...

It's nice to know Susie isn't the only sleep talking animal. LOL

Lynn Crain said...

LOL! This is great!

We have one that actually whistles sometimes when she sleeps. If she'd snore, I'd never hear it as my husband does the same. But the whistle wakes me every time.

Thanks for sharing!


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