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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Southwest, Kevin Smith & My Big Butt

I know you are all wondering just what that title has to do with writing. Well, it all started when I booked my flight on Southwest to the EPICon conference in New Orleans. See, I love doing the conference thing and it is one of the few guilty pleasures I do during the year for me the writer. My DH had free flights on Southwest, we decided to save our money and use them.

Then last week happened and the size of my butt came into play. I frantically called my DH, who happened to be in Vienna for business, with the latest news. I explained the whole thing to him and asked his opinion. In his usual diplomatic manner, he told me my butt wasn’t that big and I began wondering just what planet he had been living on lately. According to him, I should be fine.

I tell him again about Kevin Smith. After all, the man certainly has a little bit more clout than me. If they can embarrass him, they could do the same to me. I don’t do well in embarrassing situations. It really depends upon the day. I might just bite off their heads. I might just run away and go home because I don’t want to deal with them. I might just decide to drive the 1800 miles to New Orleans because they were asses. Or I might just pull out my credit card and purchase another ticket on the spot if forced to do so. After all, according to them, I can apply for a refund if the plane isn’t overbooked. How likely is that?

My butt has always been big even when I was thin. Yeah, big booty is in now but when I was younger, it wasn’t and the battle began. When I look back, I realize if I had only thought I was thin then, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And I’m on the right track, slowly losing weight. I mean it took years to accumulate and it might take me a couple to get it off...right? Or so I thought and I’m really proud of the 18 pounds I’ve lost so far. Each was a hard won battle and it helped me get my mind around the fact that I have to exercise as food has never been my problem, physical movement has.

Now back to Kevin and Southwest. I love Southwest and even own stock in their company. But I’m beginning to wonder what page most of those people are on because it certainly isn't the one I am. The world is getting bigger and things are getting smaller. Do they think that this will make people love them more, want to get on their planes? Whether we admit it or not, things will NOT change overnight for anyone who is overweight. So why aren’t airplane engineers, amusement ride makers or school desk builders looking at the big picture?

Fact is they aren’t. They aren’t looking at what is happening to the public but on the end prize...the money...the profit. How is that any way to live? Sure, they are accountable to the shareholders and the management but again, if the public can’t fit into seat, what makes them think the public is going to support their efforts?

And as usual, their solution is money based. After all, everyone can just purchase another seat, can’t they? Again, I’m wondering what planet some people are living on. People don’t have money right now and those who do are holding on to it. But it was a dilemma I wrangled with a while myself. If I purchased another ticket, that would be taking away from my conference money. I do need to eat and can get by on very little but money is a must.
Now, I’m wondering if the personnel at Southwest are scoping everyone out to see if they will fit into their 17 inch wide seats. Yeah, you heard me...just 17 inches wide. At this point, I’m almost frantic as I try to figure out if my butt will even fit into the seat. And frankly, I don’t know as I haven’t been on a plane in a couple of years. I do think I was the same size then as I am now as it was a Southwest flight to New Mexico.

I’m getting a body suit that’s guaranteed to make me look 10-20 pounds lighter and praying. A lot. After all, as a writer, I need the motivation that a conference provides. I need to have like minds around me and participate in the classes, the impromptu dinners and seeing friends I haven’t seen in a year.

Unfortunately, the big butt goes where I go but I won’t be purchasing that extra seat unless forced. It’s a matter of principle as I am who I am and the airlines need to realize what they are doing isn’t right. For any of us. Non-tolerance shouldn’t be acceptable no what the issue. People are overweight, so I’m not alone in this dilemma. And I don’t need them to point it out to me. I know and am trying to rectify the problem. I’m sure I can’t say the same about them.

I just know I’ll be in New Orleans, enjoying a wonderful conference.

See you all next week and have a great one!



s7anna said...

Have a great time Lynn! and plant one on them if they even bring up a seat issue!

Wish you a safe and troublefree trip!

hugs & kisses

BrennaLyons said...

LOL! I'm not on Southwest, but I went through the same thing when I heard about Kevin Smith.

I don't think I'd be conflicted about it. If the seat belt fit around my waist (and it DOES...and it did on Kevin Smith, as well), I would ask to speak to a representative of the airline RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

Now, mind you, I am 25 pounds lighter and two sizes smaller now than I was the last time I flew, and the seat belt fit around my waist without an extender THEN. I'm still big, and I make no bones about admitting that. They try to say I'm too big, we'll have a go-around about it.

To be perfectly blunt, I personally feel the Kevin Smith situation may have been politically (or religiously) motivated and not about his weight. A LOT of people in the US were upset with his humor in DOGMA...hilarious as it was. I would wager that the actors that do the Harold and Kumar movies would have similar problems.

Travel safe and see you in NOLA. Don't drive 1800 miles, please!


Lynn Crain said...

Thanks, Anna!

I know I will have a wonderful time!


Lynn Crain said...


I know what you mean. I'll be 20-25 pounds lighter when I get on the plane next week which makes me very happy.

I think my real problem was how they did the whole thing. There are ways to be diplomatic about it and they didn't seem to do that with the guy.

I also know ther are some skinny minis out there who discriminate against overweight people. The mind set is that if a person can't resolve their weight issues they can't be a very good person.

I can't wait to see everyone in NOLA. I am looking forward to it!


Erin Sinclair said...

First of all, Brenna, I LOVED DOGMA...and you could very well be correct.

Second, Lynn, as a fellow big butt-er I say we have a Big Beautiful Butt Party, charter a Southwest flight and dare them to make us leave...I'm thinking we could teach them a lesson or two about diplomacy, after all once I sit on 'em, they'll have no choice but to listen, dontyathink? LMAO


Lynn Crain said...

Love the idea, Erin!

Now we just all have to become independently wealthy to charter the plane. LOL!


Erin Sinclair said...

Or invite a bunch of big bad bold beauties of zaftig proportions to join us ;-D


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