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Saturday, February 13, 2010


I arrived in Pasco yesterday afternoon for Radcon 2010, a science fiction/fantasy convention. This is the second time I have attended one, and although I quite enjoyed the first one better, so far, it is still a fun time. I love to see all the people who get really into it, which is most of them, in their extreme costumes and such. I even saw one woman carrying a huge live snake, YUCK, I slid past her quickly and down the hall. I am not a snake fan.
One great thing I have found about these events is that most everyone is so friendly and helpful. I have run into very few people who are not happy to be here and happy to talk with whoever they happen to be around. Everyone is brought together for a common interest, and they are excited to share that with others.
I have had the good fortune to attend these as a pro and able to sit on panels and do readings and such. I love it. Especially because with my books being e-books it is hard to find opportunities to advertise yourself in person. This is a great way to interact with readers and get your name out there. Let people know you exist, it is something I struggle with finding new ways to do this from my computer at home.
Short post this morning, because I must get ready for my panel this morning. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and a happy Valentine's Day tomorrow.

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