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Monday, February 15, 2010

Doing a happy dance! ~ part 2

Last week I mentioned my nomination in the following category: Best Series 2009: Si’Ludo Prophesy Series for the LRC awards and that I’d share voting information with you today. Here are the details:
Voting for the LRC's "Best of 2009" Awards begins today FEBRUARY 15th and
ends on FEBRUARY 22nd. To vote, email Dawn at dawn_roberto AT yahoo DOT com ( with "LRC's "BEST OF 2009" Awards" in subject. If this is not in the subject it will not be counted. In the body of the email please state you are voting for the Si'Ludo Prophesy series by C.R. Moss for the ‘Best Series 2009’ category. All entries are to be in by 2/23/2010.
Your vote is much appreciated!

The Si'Ludo Prophesy books are available at
~ Postponing Eternity ~ Book 1
Facing one's past, present and future along with discovering the use of supernatural powers can be challenging
~ Prelude to Eternity ~ Book 2
Only she knows what the past means for the future.
~ Into Eternity ~ Book 3
If she fails, it will be the death of her love and maybe of them all.

Hugs and love to all my fans/readers! Thank you all for your support!

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