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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It’s All Good

I bet you’re wondering just what I’m talking about here. Well, I’ve decided to put a positive spin on life and everything. Hence the picture of a quite park in the middle of London where I enjoyed an afternoon of no stress. This is the reason I’m veering away from my usual and giving you all a little update.

Last month, we had a major roof leak, which necessitated in us calling our insurance because the darn thing was leaking from at least seven places. Now, you’re thinking that I live in the desert and right you are but in January 2010 during the week of the 21st, we had five days of rain. Count nearly blew my mind. I couldn’t even remember when we had that many days of steady rain. It had been years.

Since then, I’ve had the insurance adjuster out here and am very unhappy with the amount they gave us for damages. The fact is the roof is flat and over 40 years old. A flat roof in the desert is bad unless it’s made from natural products and not synthetic like this one was. And now it’s bowing. Sigh. But I’m taking the stance that it’s all good and it will because I will finally get the new roof I’ve always wanted. LOL!

Along with that, my youngest received some devastating news regarding his graduation. No, he’s going to graduate but just not where he thought because his counselor dropped the ball then blamed it on him. He was depressed for quite a few days until he could put it in perspective and he’s decided not to fight what happened even though my DH and I were willing to try and make it right. He just wants to get to college and play basketball if he’s lucky.

My computer got a virus the end of January which put a halt on me doing things like submitting finished products and critiques. Actually, it had two viruses and three trojans and the bad part is that I don’t know where they came from at all. So I turned it over to my computer guru and things are slowly returning to normal as I don’t yet have my standalone hard drive back. I should have something over the weekend.

My last thing is two-fold: One, I placed this year on the Preditors and Editors Poll. This is a coup since I didn’t really push for votes or anything. I mean, I knew I was on it but I really didn’t think much about it. At any rate, I placed #20 in the Erotica category for An Elf’s Love and #18 in the book art category for More Than Robotics. Rather on that last one, Martine Jardin placed as she’s the one who designed that lovely cover for me and I’m thankful for her doing so. Two, I’m up for Love Romances Cafe's "Best of 2009" Award Best Sci Fi/ Futuristic Book-2009 More than Robotics published by eXtasy Books. I also have some great friends up for other awards, C.R. Moss and A.J. Llewellyn, two fantastic authors. Check out the top of this blog for information on how to vote. You have no idea just how jazzed I am for these two little things.

So that’s the update on my life. All of us are healthy, we aren’t starving, my husband’s job is solid but we’re not sure about the oldest’s, who is expecting twins, still, life is good. And even though the DIL was in the hospital over the weekend, the twins are thriving...we can’t wait to meet them...LOL!

Let me know how you’re doing these first month and a half of 2010...I might just give you a book...LOL! I’ll see you all next week!


1 comment:

SiNn said...

well lynn the first month and a half my folks forgot my birthday my fiance still lives in a different state and i bene sick this weather takes alot outa me the storms werent so bad here im sorry to hear about all the stuff going on bad on ur end seems to be the thing but im sure the next few months will be better

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