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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thank you Mr. Ilitch

You’d have to be under a rock not to hear about the financial woes of Detroit and the Big Three Automakers, so you can only imagine how prevalent the issue is for us Michiganders. Every day we open our newspapers only to find more dismal stories about how our state is falling deeper and deeper into economic turmoil. It’s very sad times for everyone. My dad, who has worked at GM for almost thirty years, said he’s witnessed men reduced to tears because they have found out they no longer have a job. Dad just took a buyout because he knew he had no future with the company since his plant is slated to be closed.

Then something happened that could give us all hope again. It came way of a fountain. Yes, you heard me right. A fountain. The centerfield fountain at The Tiger’s Comerica Park to be exact.

The fountain stands behind the centerfield wall and shoots up water every time there is a homerun. Before now General Motors has always paid to have their name on the fountain, but with the hardships the automaker was facing there was no way they could continue to pay for that privilege. So they contacted the owner of the Tigers, Mike Ilitch and told him they would have to pull out.

What did Mr. Ilitch do? Did he try to find another bidder for the space? No. He told General Motors that they would continue to have their name on the fountain. At no cost. Not only that, but the names of the two other automakers, Ford and Chrysler would be placed on either side of them. Underneath it says, “The Detroit Tigers support our automakers.”

“It’s a community decision, not a business decision,” the team’s Vice President of Communications Ron Colangelo said of Ilitch’s benevolence. “He cares about the city of Detroit. This is something he wanted to do. It’s for the Big Three.”

Wow, just when you think that people and big money don’t care about the little guy someone like Mr. Ilitch comes along and shows that there are still good apples out there. I think I’m going to have to go watch a ballgame this summer and when I see that fountain, I’ll smile and think about how one person can make a difference.


1 comment:

Lynn said...

Sometimes it takes the worst of times to bring out the best in some people. I always knew it was there, I just didn't know when it would happen.

The one thing I'm doing for our country is to buy stocks. I continue to purchase all of the big automakers stocks even though their outlook isn't so good right now.

Why? Because I believe in what this country and those companies represent. When you look at the US automakers, they were some of the first and don't deserve what's happening to them.

However, they do need to try and become more modern. That has been my only complaint about them. America is sometimes has an arrogance about them which needs to be stripped away so that we can really compete within the global economy we now find ourselves in.

I, for one, have faith that it will all work out. It's the main reason that I invest at least $100 a week back into this country.

It's only fair for what its given me.


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