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Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthdays, Goals & a free book

I know this isn't my regular Monday to post but I wanted to share... =)

In a few days it’ll be my birthday! So far I haven’t freaked out too much… Well, there was this one little episode when I thought about how close this b-day brings me to the big 4-0. I don’t feel my age, nor do I think I really look it (tho the grays in my hair may say otherwise), so how can I be so close to this milestone? Where did the time go? In years past during my b-day I’ve thought about my goals and what I did and didn’t achieve. I’m happy that this year I can check off one of the things I wanted to accomplish before I turned forty and that was get published. Another goal I’ve set for myself that I need to reach before the big 4-0 is to lose the weight I gained when I quit smoking six and a half years ago. That’s been such a battle for me. I figured I need a way to be more accountable when it comes to this particular goal so I set up a blog called Casey’s Challenge. I plan to start blogging and beginning my weight loss journey this week. Feel free to follow me and my progress: Now that forty is around the corner I’ve been thinking of new goals… maybe start competing with hubby (the idea of doing the Cozumel Ironman crossed our minds) but since I’m not much of a runner I don’t know if that’s such a great goal… expand the number of houses I’m published at… write a story to pitch to a traditional/NY publisher… get published by a traditional/NY house… But for the moment I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished and the fact that I have two releases out this month ~ one with eXtasy Books (04/01) and another with Devine Destinies (04/15).
In celebration of my special day and having reached my goal of being published I’m holding a drawing for a free book! Comment to this blog between now and Sunday April 19 at 8 PM PST and your name will be entered into the drawing. Sunday night I will put all the names into a hat, one will be drawn and the lucky winner will be announced on my blog on Monday. The winner will receive a list of titles to choose a book from. Good Luck!


Sara Taney Humphreys said...

Happy Birthday!!
I'll be 40 in I completely understand where you're coming from! Congrats on your upcoming releases!
Much Happiness and Success to you in the years to come.

C.R. Moss said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Anonymous said...

Many Happy Returns, C.R.
Age is just a number, and it can be a wonderful time if you let it. I went to the other site and was very philosophical, so I'll spare you the repeat here and just say, enjoy being 40. Its not bad, nor does it define who you are. Its just the chronological record of your existence.
Nancy G aka joshgranny

Erin Sinclair said...

Girlfriend 40 is awesome, there's so much stuff that just doesn't seem to matter any longer the way it use to when you were younger, trust me! As for weight loss, I'm doing it now, we'll cheer each other on! Happy soon to be birthday from one April bday girl to another! LOL


Daun Ann said...

Happy 40th Birthday. It's not so bad.

No, I don't think it would be wise to challenge your hubby 'unless it's on the wii-fit' I LOVE the wii-fit. That will help you lose the pounds.

C.R. Moss said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments!

Babyblue22 said...

Happy Birthday C.R !!!
Don't worry age ain't nothing but a number ;-)
I wish you luck on your wieght loss goals, I just started my own challenge and it's definitely not easy work.
So Good Luck and Stay Strong!!

Lynn Crain said...

40 is just a number. I don't think I was even that upset with 50 but 60 I think will be something totally different.

I too don't look my age nor do I feel it. I really think that age is a state of mind. Life can make anyone bonkers so I don't think age has much to do with it.

Congrats on your releases and the fact you've given up smoking so many years ago. I did that over 17 years ago and don't really miss it at all.

And I know you're on your way. Just make the path you've chosen work for you. That's the best anyone can hope for.


Arcanespeace said...

Happy Birthday sweet lady cant wait to read your book and congrats on being published and your goals

Beverly G.
mortalsinn @ yahoo .com

She said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy life and reaching your goals. Set some new ones and go after them with gusto. You'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

lindseye said...

Happy Birthday. Have a great day. Buy a Birthday Cake or the Ice Cream cupcakes from Cold Stone Creamery and enjoy.

C.R. Moss said...

thanks all for the birthday wishes! yep, age is just a number & i'm just gonna hold here at 39 for awhile. =) lol!

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