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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is this week over yet?

This has been one of those weeks where nothing has gone right for me. Ever have one of those? Yup, this be mine!

It actually started out well. Tuesday was our Greater Detroit RWA meeting and our speaker Suzanne McMinn was excellent. She had a great handout on how to write a 100 word or less blurb for your book that you can use for promotion, hand in to editors or agents, or even just for your use. Oh yeah and learning about fainting goats was pretty cool too. If you want to know about farm life, check out her website at .

Wednesday wasn’t bad except I had to run to the hospital for pre-surgical blood work. Now anyone that knows me, knows that I am intensely, immensely panicky anytime a needle comes in sight. This time the gal was so fast I didn’t even know she had done the two tubes.

Thursday, ah lovely Thursday, the day of surgery. It has been an ongoing battle with my gall bladder for years but turned ugly last fall. Every test the doctors and specialists put me through came back negative. Until this past March 09, an oh so fun ERCP. It’s a big word, but you can google it if you feel the need to see the lovely description. Thank goodness they knock you on your butt before sticking the tube down your throat for a look-see. But it did find 3 gallstones lodged in the bile duct. Now I have a stent in place till June which can then be removed. But I digress. Thursday a.m. bright and early I got to the hospital to have the dreaded gall bladder removed. I was primed for action, the needles never even phased me this time (hmm, wonder why). The surgeon came in, we were ready to roll and that’s all I remember. And that’s a very good thing. (G)

But as usual, nothing with me goes textbook for very long. I had some internal bleeding, procedure took longer than planned, I didn’t want to wake up in the recovery room, then barfed in the parking lot (in the cute pink banana split bowl as I call them) when getting in the car to go home. Once home the bed was calling my name and I was heeding the call. Right up till 1:28 a.m. Friday morning when the ‘shoulder pain’ kicked in. Now I had been warned about it. What they forget to tell you is it feels like someone is cutting off your right shoulder with a dull hedge trimmer. Thank god for Vicodin!!!! Friday a blur mostly.

Saturday, the appetite returns. Yup, when I get hungry, it’s best to get me food. And during all this we are under a severe thunderstorm warning, trees are whipping, cars are pulled over to the side of the highway and my storage bin lids are blowing across the street to the neighbors. Do I care, nope! I want Chinese. My loving child (remember her – evil thing that came from my womb) comes over just before the storm starts, and then we wait till it passes so she doesn’t have to get wet to get my food. She brings the food back; I eat about 10 forkfuls and decide I’m full. Best not to tell you the look on her face at that point. (G) And I go back to bed.

Today, Sunday, I’m upright, not really hungry but very thirsty. And of course the weather looks so pretty out there and it’s all I can do to get down the steps (we live in a quad level) so I doubt I’m sitting outside anytime soon. I figure I’ll stay upright all day and then sleep better tonight. Nice theory if nothing else.

And truth be told, I have not written a word this weekend except for my blog. I have been reading trash magazines, watching TV, and sleeping. I think I’ve earned it. Especially if you count the 5 incisions I’ve got instead of the normal 3 for gall bladder surgery. Rumor has it in 5 - 7 days I'll feel right as rain (hmm, wonder what that means). So in closing, I hope you all have a great day whatever you have planned. Me, I’m off to read some more.

1 comment:

Lynn Crain said...

Only 3? Wow...I have five too! LoL!

But then I got mine done 16 years ago right before the youngest turned 1.

And I had one week to recover as my husband was going overseas. Then there was the baby and the teenager. That should be title. LOL!

Hope you recover quickly. Still, take your time because you don't want to push it too much. I was lucky that my parents were here to help.


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