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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh My God! I Weigh How Much?

A very unfortunate thing happened the other day. I stepped on the scales. My shrieks of horror were so loud, that NASA called and asked me to please keep it down because I was waking up their space crews. The past months of living at my laptop, so I could make my deadlines, have finally caught up to me and I have what can only be described as “Writer’s Butt.”

I panicked. I freaked. I spent an hour looking at my rolls in the mirror. Then I cried.

“I look like Jabba the Hutt,” I moaned to my BFF, Patti. “All that’s missing is Princess Leia, in a metal bikini, sitting at my feet.”

“That’s a nice visual,” Patti replied.

“Stow it unless you want me to sic Boba Fett on you.” I shot back as I poked my ever-growing belly.

Then Patti did what all friends do. She let me whine and moan for an hour, and then gave me a sympathetic pat on the back. I swear I would be lost without her. Only a true pal would stand by you while you’re throwing yourself a one man pity party. My daughter wasn’t as helpful.

“You need to eat more oranges. I eat them all the time and I’m skinny. You don’t and you’re fat.” She then poked a finger in my gut like I was the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Except I wasn’t anywhere near feeling happy enough to let out a giggle.

My son at least tried.

“Mom, if you think you’re fat you should see some people at the supermarket. They’re HUGE!”

“So what you’re tying to say is I’m fat, but not so fat that I can’t get around with a Rascal?” I deadpanned. “Why doesn’t that make me feel better?”

“I’m just letting you know it could get worse,” he pointed out.

“Or you’re just letting me know what the future has in store for me.”

That was it. I decided it was time to lose the “junk in my trunk”. The problem is I didn’t know where to start. There are some really great diet programs out there, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig just to name two. But, there is no way I could afford either one of those, I’m an author for gosh sakes. Then my husband came in to save the day.

“I’ll be your personal chief,” he offered. Now, this may seem strange to some people, but he’s an excellent cook and he loves a challenge.

So I took him up on his offer and now I am living through the joy of a low-fat diet. So far, I have to admit, the food had been pretty darn good. But alas, we are running out of recipes and snack ideas. So if any of you have any yummy recipes, I would love to see them.

-Stephani Hecht


Sara Taney Humphreys said...

I really enjoyed this post! I can totally relate!!!! Jenny Craig and I are frenemies. LOL!

Erin Sinclair said...


Subscribe to the Weight Watchers magazine, YUM! Awesome well balanced recipes. Also, Eat Great, Lose Weight and Get Skinny on Fabulous Food by Suzanne Somers, oldies but goodies. Try Food as well and check out the recipes by Ellie Krieger, she's a nutritionist and all about healthy eating!


Lynn Crain said...

OMG! It has a name! Now I know...yes...I too suffer from Writer's Butt.

And I too must get rid of mine. LOL!

Great blog!


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