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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Phantom Phone Calls

Phantom Phone Calls – Good or Bad?

The other night I received a phone call about 10 p.m. Now I don’t know about you but when the phone rings that late, I fear something bad has happened to someone on the other end of the line. My heart starts to pound, my palms get sweaty and I actually dread picking up the receiver.

I looked at the caller id to find it was my 23 year old son. I had already spoken to him earlier in the evening so I wasn’t really sure why he was calling back. He’s in the Army getting ready to deploy from Fort Polk, Louisiana. Picking up the phone, I say my usual hello. No response. I hear voices talking in the background, garbled, loud at times, but no one saying hello back to me. I say it again, louder. Still nothing. Ok, now my mother’s mind starts to wander and I think “Oh my god, is he in a fight and he can’t answer the phone, has something happened and he’s trying to call me and want me to get help.” You know the drill; any mother knows exactly what I am referring to.

I start saying Hello louder each time, calling his name. I get nothing but still hear guy’s voices talking. So I sit back on the edge of the bed and start to listen as close as I can. Maybe the phone is in his pocket; maybe he phantom called me by accident and doesn’t realize it.

At this point, I hear another voice say “Oh yeah, well you don’t know what is like to sleep on the ground in 106 degree f***ing weather. Man, it’s a bi**h out there when it’s like that.” Ok, this is getting interesting. Now I’m beginning to think beers are involved and guys sitting around trying to out do one another. So I keep listening. I hear a few snacks of the conversation, then I hear my son (lovely perfect child that he is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) say “Yah, well when I was 18, maybe 19 you know what this girl and I did?” Then the words get garbled. It’s at this point I’m thinking maybe it’s a good thing I can’t here what he and the girl did cause I probably really don’t want to know (G).

Now, to be fair, I tried to hang up the phone about three times. And the stupid thing would not disconnect. So finally after about the fifth try, it did. I immediately picked up the phone and called him back. He answers very nonchalantly “Hey Mom” obviously not knowing what has just transpired over the past ten minutes.

His loving mother says “Brian, would you do me a favor and tell you buddy I’m so sorry he has to sleep on the ground in 106 degree f***ing weather. That must be horrible.” Big dead air pause on the other end, then he says very slowly Mom, how do you know that?” “Brian, please tell you buddy that for me, would you?” He calls out to the other guy my exact words and now I get a whole room of dead quiet. And then “How does your mom know what I just said?”

So I then say “And you know as much as I love having a conversation with you and learning what is going on, I really didn’t need to know what you and that girl did when you were 18 or 19.” Now, of course I am not letting on that I really didn’t hear the garbled part of the conversation. But he doesn’t know this. His response “OMG, I am turning beet red right now. How do you know these things Mom? This is not good.”

I politely reply, “Take your phone out of your pocket and put it somewhere safe so you aren’t phantom calling me.” “Crap,” is his response. He turns to the guys and says “My mom heard the whole conversation. I phantom called her.” To which now a group of guys are freaking out “You’re kidding right”, “Damn, she heard everything?”

Sigh, yes these are the calls a mother treasures. NOT! But I must admit it makes for good fodder for a blog.

Now on a more serious note, last summer a was listening to the radio and heard a replay of a phone message a son who was already deployed and in a war zone made to his parents. his first call was to check in, say hi, let them know how he was doing. His parents weren't at home, so this was all left on the answering machine. Apparently a few minutes later, he accidentally hit the redial button on his phone and left a totally different message. This one came while his unit was under heavy fire. His parents listened to a message filled with soldiers yelling, gunfire, a unit under attack and in desperate need of more ammo. His father related saying: All I could think of when they were yelling for more ammo, was please get them more ammo." The message went on for quite a few minutes. They tried to reach their son with no luck until much later. They learned he was okay, his unit was fine and they did get more mortar.

But can you imagine being on the receiving end of such a phone call? It would kill me. I can't even begin to understand how his parents must have felt. But I am so incredibly glad everything turned out well in the end.

So remember if you phantom call me, you might just end up in a blog post. You never know.
Till next time everyone! Happy Spring.


Lynn Crain said...

Very interesting.

My phone does that when it is in my purse, pocket or anywhere. I was surprised to hear I had called people at 3 in the morning when the phone wasn't anywhere near me.

Must be Skynet coming on line...LOL!


Carly Carson said...


Great blog. Hilarious, scary and heart pounding all at the same time. Though I DO want to know what your son did with that girl. Research, you know? lol

Also, thanks to your son for his service. Most of us don't foget what they're doing over there.


AllureVanSanz said...

This happened to me soooo many times when I had the Chocolate phone. It always called the first person on my list which was a friend of mine named Chris. A male friend of mine named Chris I should add.

By the fifth phantom phone call, he started treating me a little differently. Until one day I put it all together. I think he thought I was playing juvenile games and calling him just to hang up on him.

I immediately told him what was going on and added my email as a first contact under the letter A.

Not as awesome as your story which had me cracking up btw!

And yeah, if I heard my son or daughter in a dangerous situation and could do nothing, I'd drop kittens right there.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love that story! Cheryl

C.R. Moss said...

I've had phantom phone calls. In fact fellow blogger Erin is one of them. her phone decided one day it'd be nice to ring me... there wasn't anything interesting going on though on the other end of the line. then there was one night our friends from MD called. i answered but they didn't say anything. there was a lot of noise and music in the background. they emailed the next day and asked if i got their call ~ they thought i'd enjoy a bit of Rush while they were at the concert in VA.
I too thank your son for his service.

Erin Sinclair said...

I love this! It reminds me of the Blackberry commercial where the husband keeps his phone in his back pocket and his butt keeps dialing his wife, so his wife suggests the new fancy dancy Blackberry that has a flip cover so she will no longer have to endure cell phone conversations with his tush! LOL


PS I remember that CR! LOL

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