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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bride Sues Wedding Guest

By A.J. Llewellyn

Have you caught up with the NY Post's big story about a woman, Sandrina Purdum suing a wedding guest for wrecking her wedding?
In case you haven't, this kinda thing tickles my funny bone. Sorry Sandra, but it does.
Seems that her wedding to hubby Harold Purdum last September was disrupted by his boss - believe it or not - Jennifer Angevine, who leaped to her feet during the ceremony and shouted out that Sandrina was messing up Harold's life.
She then announced she'd been having an affair with him!
"Me and Harry were good together. You had to ruin everything by marrying him. You fucked everything up!" Sandrina Purdum quotes Angevine as saying.
Harold denies any hanky-panky (any smart man would. It's in our genetic code: deny, deny, deny) but I am really not here to analyze whether or not he engaged in a bit of the ol' glass ceiling.
My issue is this. Who invited this nutbag?
I mean, if Harold was doing what she alleges, did he really think this was a good idea inviting her to the most sacred day of his life?
If he's innocent, then how much booze was involved.
According to the Post, Angevine threw a drink at a guest and seventy other guests were ejected after a fight broke out.
If it isn't true, I personally think Sandrina should have beaten the crap out of her, had her escorted from the premises (a wedding hall in Queens) and proceeded to get the best revenge: a long and happy married life.
But no. The unhappy couple didn't even spend their wedding night together, a lawsuit is involved and Harold manfully quit his job but is now unemployed.
Sandrina blames the wedding guest from hell for her dream day being ruined.
I have been to enough Greek weddings (and alas, been a groomsman at enough of them to have experienced some major dramas) to know this was not the ideal situation but according to the Post, Sandrina says she wants a family but can't even think about having a baby because she no longer trusts her husband.
I find this very sad. Even if he did bang the boss, Sandrina got her man. My feeling is she should move on and get busy procreating.
And when they have a renewal of vows, my suggestion is no alcohol should be involved.
What about you? If this was your wedding, what would you do?

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Jambrea said...

Um...I would have been upset and had the woman taken out. Um.. I mean kicked out of the church. lol

I agree, I don't think he would have invited the boss if it was true. I think the boss was jealous.

I WOULD NOT let this stop me from having a family. It sounds like there are other issues involved here. :(

The whole thing is silly! lol

Kim Smith said...

As a wedding photog/videographer you would be amazed at the stuff that goes on! Most times some caring family member will stop the shenanigans before they get out of hand though.

Thanks for the story!

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