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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Four legged friends

I spent part of today at the Michigan Animal Rescue League walkathon. My daughter and her fiancée were walking their two dogs along with countless other people and their pooches to raise money. I should not go to those places because they always have something adorable up for adoption and I can’t resist.

Amazingly enough today, I saw nothing that caught my eye. Does that mean I have either grown up and the ‘oh I want that’ phase is over? No, more like “OMG, I have to get up at 2:00 a.m. to take it out in the freezing cold to piddle.” And honestly, most of the dogs there were BIG dogs. Now I have nothing against big dogs. I have one, a Shepard-golden Cassie who is about to turn 14 and weighs around 70 pounds.

It’s a great event they put on. There were passing out free wreaths for your door, with little fake dog biscuits on them and a dog’s head at the top of the wreath. Mine is a bright purple color trim. And they had pizza, breadsticks, pop, water, hot dogs, chips and all for free as well.
My daughter was excited as she raised $216.00 for the walk. Her dogs Maizie and Bentley, my grand doggies were there and of course lost all inclination to mind her when I walked up. They were more concerned with seeing me. Works for me (G). Her one dog Bentley, is a King Charles Cavalier spaniel and Beagle mix (looks more like a beagle) and is very smart. But would go home with the first person who offered him a biscuit. Maizie on the other hand is a Border collie mix, smart as a whip and only likes those who she already knows. She’s scared of anyone she doesn’t know.

So I walked them around for a bit, found them dog biscuits to eat, and made the appropriate noises about the adoptable dogs. (G) And then came home empty-handed. Ok, not quite. I stopped at Culvers and got a Pepsi float, then came home.

I don’t know how it is in your state, but here in Michigan dogs and cats, and other animals are being dropped off at the shelters on a daily basis due to families being unable to afford to keep them. In the past two days, MARL (Michigan Animal Rescue League) has had 18 dogs dropped off at their door. It’s a horrible thing, but it is reality. Times are tough, people are struggling, and unfortunately animals are not at the top of the list. I feel for the animals in this case. They are the unwilling losers in this game of chance. They have no other means of taking care of themselves and depending on their age, may not be lucky enough to get adopted again. I saw Abby, a mixed breed Lhaso today who is 9 years old. Along with her was a tiny black puppy. Guess what, everyone was oohing and aahing over the puppy and barely giving Abby a second glance. I feel for her but I can’t save them all either.

Right now my dog is battling cancer. Cassie is too old to be operated on and the tumor is in a basically inoperable site. While she is not in pain, I worry everyday about the decision I will soon have to make. It’s inevitable. I know it, the vet knows it, and possibly Cassie knows it. The one thing I am trying to avoid is having to do it while my son is home for 10 days from the Army starting next Wednesday. She is his baby. He would do anything for her and does. He eats a sandwich, she gets half. He spoils her more than I do. So I pray she doesn’t take a turn for the worse until he is gone. Then I will face the decision I dread. That is the one part of having an animal that I hate the most. Losing them. Loving them is easy, losing them is hard.

So, hug your four legged babies, play with them and always remember the unconditional love they bring to you and your family. Have a wonderful Sunday.


Stephani Hecht said...

I think pets are a true blessing and it's so hard when we have to see them sick. Hugs to your puppy!

AJ Llewellyn said...

God bless you, Patti. I can't live without my animals. I volunteer at a feline rescue and I want to bring them all home!
Thanks for all you are doing for animals...

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