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Monday, May 25, 2009

A surprising supporter

Saw this a few weeks ago and figured I would share since I found it interesting. I found it interesting on different levels but I won’t go into the whole lengthy background here—dealing with a religious upbringing, the hypocrisy, people’s lack of open-mindedness, etc. Seeing this was a refreshing change.
Marie Osmond has come out in favor of gay rights.
In an interview with Los Angeles radio station KOST 103.5, the Flamingo headliner said it was "not a sensitive issue" for her.
She said she supports gay couples having civil rights.
"I think it's important to look at the commandment love thy neighbor as thyself," said Osmond, who has eight children. Her oldest daughter, Jessica, 21, has been in a gay relationship for three years, according to reports.
"One thing I did not appreciate growing up, everybody quoted me and told me what to say; you gotta do this, do that," she said. "I'm not doing that to my daughter. I'm not going to answer questions on her behalf."
She added: "You know, I think each of us has the right to choose who makes that medical decision for us. I think everybody should have the right to share homes and finances with somebody that they care about. You know on those types of things I'm very supportive.
"When it comes to marriage ... I think that civil rights need to be for all. When you start mixing religion into that and beliefs, you know, I do believe in the Bible. My daughter understands my beliefs. And, and, uh, you know, God said to be married and be productive with your children and, and, you know, replenish the earth or whatever.
"She understands those things. My daughter is sharp. And we have a great relationship, and I think she would tell you that."


Lynn Crain said...

I think it is very cool someone of her caliber is coming out for gay rights. Her family was extremely religious during her younger years and now as well but the bottom line is to care and nurture them no matter what your own personal beliefs may be.

It always amazes me when someone with a hard religious background has to rethink their world because something they thought would never happen did.

Love is love no matter what the gender and we're focusing on the wrong things if we think it's about gender.


Debra J.M. Smith said...

My thoughts on this topic:

Debra J.M. Smith

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