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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An Amazing Product for Writers

This week I have been buried with deadlines and writing, so I looked for products I could use to make what I do more efficient so I could free up my time for other endeavors like sleeping. LOL! I found some amazing and interesting products out there for writers.

Normally, I won’t plug programs for writers but recently I ran across an amazing product for us called Auto Crit and fell in love immediately. But the thing that intrigued me the most is that is almost exactly like something an editor of mine threw our way on our writers loop. It’s so close it’s scary. The cool thing about it is that it’s all in one neat package. LOL!

This program goes on the basis of there are certain words which should be kept out of a manuscript. Things like passive verbage, -ly words, conjunctions and –ing words to name a few. It also looks at redundancies and slow pacing. These things make your writing weak. Also, overused words like thing and that, two of my favorites in first draft mode to say the least, all of which make readers put down your book again and again.

I did some samples, you can do 800 words a day free, just to see what would come up in my latest WIP. There were things I expected and things I would have missed. Now I have critique partners who do a very fine job when going over my manuscript but this software picked up things that none of us would have even with a fine tooth comb. And all of us have time constraints which make it unfair to rely so heavily on them.

Now that doesn’t mean I agree with everything they came up with but at least now I am totally aware that I’m doing these errors and watching more so I won’t. In today’s world where people have less and less time to do the tedious portions of writing, why not get a program who can do it in one run without all the fuss of coordinating timelines or using more than one macro? In reality, this program combines at least five steps that I normally do myself or with my critique partners. Imagine how happy my crit partners will be when I give them a much cleaner manuscript to look at…then they can concentrate on the things I’m really worried about…like a bad plot or a plot which doesn’t fit together like it should.

If you’re a writer, you need to check this out. Like I said, even just having it do the 800 word sample every once in a while will give you the idea of what you’re doing wrong. I just know that is one of the many things I will be looking into getting when I can afford to do so. You can find it at and I hope you go check it out!

Have a great week writing! See you next week!



AJ Llewellyn said...

Hi Lynn...what a fantastic resource! I am going to try it. Thanks so much!


Lynn Crain said...

You are so very welcome. It sure is helping me to produce a better product.

Thanks for stopping by on my day!


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