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Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol?

By A.J. Llewellyn

I've watched American Idol week after week, mesmerized and inspired by the true artistry and warm charisma of Adam Lambert. That he should lose the title he so richly deserved to a merely good singer was profoundly shocking to me last night.
Once again, the nine year old girls got it wrong, picking cute and cuddly over true brilliance. Kris is cute (my boyfriend is nuts about him) but the homophobic comments I've been hearing ever since the show finished last night confirm for me, at least, that there is still a sickness in our society, a sickness of intolerance.
Some of the comments said, allegedly in jest were cruel.
They make the dirt in my garden seem so clean.
I listed to the radio reports this morning. Frankly I was stunned at how vicious many critics have been of Adam. The truth is he doesn't need a show like AI. Kris probably does.
Let's hope he doesn't squander his surprise gift like many others who have also won the title of American Idol. Have Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard, David Cook and Jordan Sparxx blown your socks into the next room since they became winners?
Not me.
The year that Chris Daughtry lost, he emerged a true winner. I think Clay Aiken has proven himself to be a solid, worthy performer as have many others 'losers.'
It just saddened me this morning as I listened to the jokes and jabs about Adam's theatricality, his makeup and his high-octave range, that this is the same week a high school student in San Diego was not allowed to present her school project to her class.
Why? her chosen subject - a PowerPoint presentation on a powerful political speaker - was Harvey Milk and school officials were worried some parents would object because he was gay.
It's outrageous!
The ACLU stepped in and she presented her project - at lunchtime, with half the class missing.
Adam Lambert will not disappear and neither will the gay population of the world. In spite of the sniping, the lack of tolerance, the jokes and the bad vibes, talent, true talent, like a flower in dirt, grows and thrives.

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courtneybreazile said...

I must confess, i don't watch american idol. I am one of the few. But i have heard from many of my friends that do watch it that last nights pick was wrong. I have to hope it was a love for the cutie and not a hate for the different that made the choice as it was. But that might be a bit of a pollyanna thought.

Jambrea said...

I am glad he didn't win! Why? Because now he will have just a little more control over his music. I think the best thing to happen in AI is when they don't win and they go on to really shine. Just like Daughtry. Like you said, many winners really don't do much. At least not where we see. I know of a few more 'losers' who have done more. I think there are only two exceptions and that is Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

So...I'm glad he didn't win because I think Chris will fade into the wood work and Adam will shine with his music being able to make his album the way HE wants too.

See...I always like to look at the positive.

I hate the fact that a girl had trouble with her presentation. It is so sad.

I watched So You Think You Can Dance last night and it was the first time two men ballroom danced with each other. It would have been better if the two had been dancing together longer, had more chemistry and didn't drop each other at the end, but it was nice to see. It would have been interesting to see what the judges thought of a couple of men who smoked up the stage. The comments weren't the greatest, but I do think that had a lot to do with the talent. They let them both go through to the next round.

I just hope that by the time my son is old enough that people will just be people who love who they love. That it won't matter. *sigh*"m done now. lol

Lynn Crain said...

I didn't watch AI this year but it certainly wasn't because of the top two. Mine was because I've been seeing a bias in the judging that I just wasn't willing to tolerate any more.

The main judges say something which seem to resonate to the voting audience. And it doesn't matter if the person is good or bad. Notice that the main judges are well beyond their 15 minutes of real fame where people just love them. Not! LOL!

While I might not have watched AI, I did hear the buzz and I too was surprised about who had won. Yes, it is those young girls glued to the TV who vote for the cutest no matter how good or bad.


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