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Saturday, May 23, 2009


A reader of romance novels can become quite obsessed about their books and spend a large amount of time with them. Sometimes to the consternation of their significant others. I must say I quite often fall into this catagory, along with many of my girlfriends.
So what do the significant others think of this?
I think all are delusional about it in one way or another. Some tell themselves that their wife is thinking of them as they read about the strong and viril hero. Delusional! Some think that they are wishing for someone like in the story to come to them so they can run off with them. Delusional! Some worry that their wife thinks of the fictional male when their together. Delusional!
Why can't it just be a story? Why can't they believe that when we read about a beautiful heroine and her amazingly perfectlybeautiful hero we are seeing them not ourselves, and definitly not our husbands.
Like I tell my husband when he starts to get jealous about my reading habits- unless a vampire, a werewolf, or an immortal highland warrior comes knocking on my door, or Johnny Depp, he is safe.
What do your significant others think of your reading habits? Do they think your imagining them or wishing they were something different? Is reading a dangerous habit that breeds discontentment? Or just a fun way to get a break from our own lives for a while?


Erin Sinclair said...

I turned my husband on to a terrific fantasy series written by RA Salvatore, he's completely addicted. Who doesn't indulge in some mild wish fulfillment every now and again or become totally lost in a well crafted story? To me that means the author has done her job. As for falling for the hero, women are far more forgiving of the reality of their mates then men are because it's our emotions that are stimulated, we're not as visual a creature as the human male, so why can't we indulge in a bit of dreaming every now and again with a great hero or heroine? LOL


AJ Llewellyn said...

This is a funny blog Courtney...I think we all suffer from delusional delights...I mean, part of the fantasy of watching actors or reading books is the "What If??"
Without that, we writers wouldn't have anything to write.

C.R. Moss said...

my dh knows it's my fun way to get a break from the everyday... he also knows it's research. he doesn't mind my reading habit ~ until we have to move and then all my boxes of books become troublesome. lol.

Lynn Crain said...

There are stories I love because of what they are and there are stories I love because I can see myself right there. BUT I almost never see myself as that character. I see myself in that character's role much like an actor in a movie.

Still, I love to read and that isn't going to change no matter what. The 4000 paperbacks in my house are testiment to that...and I just purchased another 6 last week...LOL!


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