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Monday, May 18, 2009

Let the music move you

Before I go into my blog for the day I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my ‘Happy Anny & Contest’ blog over the past two weeks. I decided for this contest that everyone is a winner with the grand prize winner being Amy S! Congrats to all!
Let the music move you…
Sunday morning before I went to work I knew I needed to get some uplifting music into my car to listen to on my drive to work. Now for me the music that perks me up and gets me into a good mood is anything by Rush. Those who know me know that’s my favorite music group. So I grabbed Rush in Rio (a recording of a concert) since it has a good mix of songs from their 30+ years of making music, I popped it in my stereo system and off to work I went. This group has seen me through a number of boyfriends and heartbreaks, finding the love of my life, road trips and moves throughout the country, smoke-fests, & European travel. When I hear the group play, it puts me in a good place & it helps me to make it through the day. I arrived to work earlier than I expected to so I sat in my car and grooved to my tunes. The song, The Pass, came on and I realized it still moves me now as it did when I first heard it years and years ago. ( Then the song Time Stand Still is the one that moved me when I listened to it in Germany. ( Then of course Freewill is always good ( But this is not to say that only Rush brings back good memories. When I hear songs by Journey off the Escape album it reminds me of reading Black Beauty as a child because I listened to the tape as I read. Then songs from U2’s Joshua Tree album reminds me of reading Clive Barker’s Weaveworld, meeting him at a book signing and having him sign my book and a magazine article. Every Breath You Take by the Police reminds me of high school and a crush I had. Actually any ‘hair bands’ (aka Glam metal) remind me of high school. Geez, remember that hot dude in Winger? Some Alanis Morissette songs remind me of working at the liquor store and living in Texas.I could go on but I’m sure you get the idea. ;)So what music moves you? What do you remember when you listen to certain songs?

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Erin Sinclair said...

Native American flute music, Celtic flutes and drums, Andrea Bochelli, Spanish flamenco music. Sting released a couple of CDs that can really get me in the mood for book noir writing...moody darkly sexy stuff. Man, there's so much, I couldn't choose, it really depends on my mood.


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