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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Summer Explosion by Celia Jade

There's the long hibernation of winter in most Canadian cities, mine being one of them. Then before you know it, spring and summer are upon you. Most of us were still walking around in a silly daze the other day when it hit 29 C in Montreal, like we didn't know what to do with ourselves, lol. Along with these seasons comes the almost continuous trail of social obligations and I've got a few I must meet.

First off are a handful of showers--baby showers and bridal showers. They're generally fun, unless you have a hard time finding the right gift, although in many cases money is acceptable. There's always the issue of what to wear and I find myself staring into my closet with a frown thinking: I've worn this before and this one come I don't have anything to wear? So now I have to find a nice new outfit--or maybe two so that I'm not caught wearing the same thing to different occasions.

Besides this, the responsibility of hosting my sister's bridal shower landed on my lap unexpectedly. It's her second marriage and we weren't planning on having a shower for her since she's got everything for a new home, but her mother-in-law wanted to have one. As the sister of the bride, I have to take care of most of the planning. So in between attending other showers and family events, I'm now retrieving mailing addresses, writing up the invitations, making arrangements with the catering hall, the decorations, favors and so on. You'd think it's simple--I mean, it's just a party for fifty--but surprisingly, there's a lot involved. And of course, much of this in consultation with both mother in law and my mother.

The wedding's in September and I'm already anxious about getting a formal dress. Don't you hate forced shopping? I find the best purchases happen when they are unplanned. And I'm thinking--praying--please let this be her last wedding. Please, God, make it last for her. These are lovely occasions of course, but they are emotionally demanding. Meeting the new family, hoping your folks will get along, hoping the wedding plans go smoothly. I'll add about two more weddings before summer's end to that list. And they're pricey average of about $100-150 per person in an envelope. Tradition in our family is money, not physical gifts. And that number climbs the closer the relation. Oh, and weddings of the past often mean christenings are on the that I think of it, there's a handful of friends who've recently had they'll be christening them some time next year--hopefully before summer!

There are birthdays too--friends, acquaintances, family members...and many of these are formally celebrated now, like in some restaurant or something. I used to have quiet get togethers in my late twenties and thirties...and the older I get the more 'quiet' I like them, lol.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not complaining. This is light-hearted venting. :-)

It's just that this season seems to burst with sudden life like a thrilling and crazy whirlwind for a short duration. I kinda wish there were more winter weddings to break the dull routine the rest of the year...never been to one of those. So right now, I've got this really long list of things to do stuck on my wall in front of my computer so I can see it. Of the twenty things, three have been ticked off as done. Hmn, I owe two stories to my publishers--one especially because it's part of a series--hope I don't forget to write those, lol. Maybe I should add them to the list.

What else? I'm excited about my upcoming series: Greek Playboys. It debuts with The Greek Bachelor on May 1st. Now this is a nice escape, lol.

Cheers to all and enjoy your social events!


Caffey said...

Hi Celia! I'm so glad to find the blog here! I'm following now so I come more often! I remember when I first read a Greek god story in a ebook romance and I wanted to find more! I couldn't find alot so I'm excited. Where this series at (publisher)?

I had alot of hibernation these couple of last years with the best rests and health and all. I remember the other day feeling so tied in that I can't wait to get out and then I wake up to a note that the hubby had to go into work. Then yesterday he was so into doing the organizing and his garden, that there wasn't a chance to get out with everything closing early here on Sundays. (I'm having book shopping withdrawal). I have no family here as I moved away with my hubby after our marriage for our jobs. So I miss all those events. I usually find out about them and unable to go. My birthdays are quiet too, I don't like to have to add a year each year when they ask LOL

Lynn said...

Your blog is a reminder just how things can sneak up on you when you least expect them.

Until our children start getting married, we won't be having any showers of any except the rain kind here. My oldest was married 2 years ago and the next closest kid in our gang of friends is 23. Jordan says he's not getting married until he's 30 so I think we're safe. LOL!


Celia Jade said...

Hi ladies! Thanks for your comments. I blog here the first Saturday of every month...

For Caffey: Glad to see you girl..long time no chat. The Greek Bachelor is at eXtasy books. Brand new release. A few of us will be at Fallen Angel Reviews chatters group tomorrow at 8PM EST...see my yahoo group for details and we're giving away a couple of books.

Yes, Lynn, sounds like you're in the clear for some time, lol. My relatives/friends are at the "productive" age so that's why I'm so busy with those events.

The most important thing is that all goes well after the wedding and the showers...that lasts a lifetime.



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