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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Did it Again

I think I've talked about this here, but I'm not sure. I LOVE contest. I enter them all the time. I've only won a couple, but it's worth it because I challenge myself. When I write, I love to stretch myself to see where I can go. Usually I'm pleasantly surprised.

This time I saw a link on a couple of my groups and I knew about it for maybe a month, but I wasn't sure if I would enter. If I won my round of votes my excerpt would be seen by an NAL editor. The problem...there's a possibility the NAL would ask for a full. An 80k story! *gulp* So I kept, not this time. I don't have anything. It was for a Man in Uniform story and the excerpt had to be steamy.

The two days before the deadline...I decided to enter. I thought...what the heck. I wrote up my 1k excerpt that was required, sent it to my betas to see if they thought it would be strong enough. One of my betas said it was hot, but not enough. She could get a good feel on the characters. This is THE NIGHT BEFORE THE DEADLINE. lol I had to go back to scratch. So that night I wrote something up and sent that to my betas. This time it was a winner! I hurried up and entered it.

The voting started at the beginning of the month on a Sunday. Well this past Sunday it was my turn. Voting goes on all week. At the beginning of March I started with a 2k story. I am now up to 32k. I still have a LOT of work to get to 80k, but, as I said, I love a challenge! lol

If you'd like to take a peek and maybe vote on the two excerpts you like the best for this week you go to:

You'll need to create an account, but its free. Vote for the two excerpts you like the best and I'll hope one is mine. :) If you want to know which one is mine after you voted you can email me at and if you didn't vote for mine, that's okay because I want the two excepts people like the most to win.

Now back to my craziness. I have writing to do! lol


Lynn Crain said...

It's always fun to enter contests even though you might not win. It gives you a focus and it makes you become more disciplined for being a writer because you have to write to a hard deadline.

Good luck in the contest!


Kristie~ said...

I voted!! Good luck sweetheart!

Jambrea said...

Thanks Lynn and Kristie. :) I'm really excited about the story and even if I don't make it in the contest I'll have a finished story with a couple places in mind that I'd like to sub to. :)

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