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Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello Celia Jade!

Hello Celia Jade!

This week we take a look at Celia Jade. I asked her some quirky questions back in January and got plenty of interesting answers!
Welcome Celia!
Celia Jade writes for the following publisher(s): Extasy Books & Eternal Press.
In regards to her favorite colors Celia says “I’ve always liked earth tones, and my favorites are red and brown.” Her favorite ice cream flavor is dark chocolate. When asked if she’s a cat, dog or both kind of person and if she’d ever own(ed) a snake or some other exotic pet her answers were ~ “Definitely a cat person…I must have been a cat in a former life because I identify with them so much. & Not really. I believe exotic animals belong in their natural environment.” Concerning her preference for warm weather or cold she states, “Sun and warmth for sure! I live in Montreal where the winters can be brutal.” As for where she’d live if she could live anywhere in the universe, “I’d say Europe for sure. I enjoy its landscapes, architecture and culture. More specifically, I have a soft spot for France because it strikes a good balance between city and country—not to mention those mouth-watering croissants! ” In regard to what time of day she prefers, Celia says, “Neither one actually, because I can be crabby in the morning, although I prefer waking up early to staying up late.” Her favorite day of the week is Saturday and when asked about her favorite number she said, “I don’t have any, but if I win the lottery, I’ll let you know, lol”. When asked if athletic shoes are sneakers or tennies and if a soft drink is called soda or pop, she responded: Sneakers & Soda
Here’s a scenario posed to the author: “You’re at a conference and an agent comes up to you and says, “I’ve seen your name on the web. I’m interested in taking you on as a client. You have a couple of minutes to wow me to convince me that I should.” You can only plug one book in this short amount of time. What book would you plug to land this contract and why?” Celia’s response: Oh my, I’m one of those smart alecks who’d probably reverse the question. What could you do for me? Humor aside, the question can’t be answered directly because it would depend on what kind of books the agent represents. Erotic romance comes in several sub genres. For instance, if he or she were interested in ethnic, alpha male stories, I’d definitely suggest my upcoming books: The Greek Bachelor. This story would fit the genre well because the Hero is both alpha and foreign, and fulfills all the criteria for the category. The story will be out at eXtasy books this May. I would accompany my pitch with an enticing excerpt from The Greek Bachelor.
For those interested, visit my author’s group for book news, excerpts and other fun events right here: Thank you so much for this interview CM!
And thank you for the information about yourself Celia!
~ Feel free to share if you have something in common with her ~

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