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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day At Panera

stephanihecht72: Hi!

pattishenberger: Well, it's another Sunday morning here in chilly Michigan and time for Stephani and me to post our blogs. This week we thought about doing something new and exciting. Okay, maybe it's only new and exciting to us.

stephanihecht72: I'm pretty sure it's only new and exciting to us.

pattishenberger: Me to, but it sounded cool when I wrote it.
We're sitting here in Panera's. Heaven knows we do nothing without food being involved.

stephanihecht72: No, food coffee and Pepsi are always a must whenever we get together. Coffee for me, Pepsi for Patti.
Of course, if there are cookies too, who are we to complain?

pattishenberger: Not me. I'm always up for a good cookie.
So while we are sitting here trying to figure out what to order for lunch, we thought about interviewing each other. I know you've all seen the regular interviews about us, but now how about some down and dirty, insider information type questions.

stephanihecht72: The really nitty gritty stuff that not even our own families know about. It goes much deeper than stolen sock monkeys and evil children.

pattishenberger: And with that in mind, let's start the ball rolling. Stephani, tell me what do you prefer on a guy, any guy, not just your hubby. Do you like boxers or briefs, or better yet commando?

stephanihecht72: Wow, we are just jumping straight into the fire pit! LOL Okay, I much prefer boxers. But, not the goofy ones with smiley faces on it. I want a man, not a tool. How about you? What do you like covering your man's twig and berries?

pattishenberger: Well, first and foremost I would prefer a thick sturdy branch, not a twig with a few withered berries. I'm going for the boxers also. Preferably the red or black silky ones.

stephanihecht72: Not the ones with the elephant trunk? Okay, now my turn for a question? Have you ever had whoopee in a car?
And yes I just said whoopee.

pattishenberger: Yes, I have. Though it's been years. These old bones don't do so well crawling around the back of a car anymore and the new compact jobs don't give you enough room up front.
Wow, it's really getting hot here in Paneras.

stephanihecht72: Yes, it is and we are sitting in the middle of the old crowd too. If they only knew.... I made whoopee in a tiny S-10 truck once. Mind you this was when I was much, much younger and much, much more limber. Since I live in a small town and I know many of the police force I was worried that I would see an old family friend knocking on the window with his flashlight to ask us what was going on.

pattishenberger: Can you just see the headlines now. Local author gets caught with pants down. Ok, let's talk fantasy now. If you could spend the night with anyone, guy or gal and your hubby wouldn't be upset, who would you pick?

stephanihecht72: Former Red Wing, Brenden Shannahan. That guy is so hot I just want to take him home and feed him milk and cookies. Dark haired with the cutest smile, I loved watching him play. I was so sad when he left Detroit. How about you? What man floats your boat?

pattishenberger: Definitely Bruce Willis. I have lusted over him for years it seems. From Die Hard, to The Story of Us, to Moonlighting, he's the one for me. Hmm, wonder if he would feel the same way.

stephanihecht72: Of course he would! You are one hot tamale. Even now there is a guy in the corner checking you out. Granted he is so old he has to take his teeth out between bites, but hey, it's a guy all the same.
Sent at 11:09 AM on Sunday
pattishenberger: Oh yeah, somehow I don't think that's a compliment. If he requires oatmeal thru a straw because of the teeth, count me out! I had a great aunt who used to take her false teeth out all the time, put them in a drawer and then promptly forget where she put them. So every now and then you would open a drawer to get something and there would be her choppers smiling up at you. Not a pretty sight.
All right Stephani, of all the things I do know about you, there are still things I don't know. How about what's your favorite color? Favorite day of the week? Favorite flavor of ice cream?
Sent at 11:12 AM on Sunday

stephanihecht72: My favorite color is dark blue, because it makes me look thin when I wear it. My favorite day of the week if Sunday because we have no activities with the kids that day, so we can all be lazy and watch bad movies on the Sci-Fi channel. My favorite ice cream is the Birthday Cake Batter one at Cold-Stone. I kid you not; it tastes just like the cake batter we all used to lick from the bowl as kids.
How about you, Patti? What is your favorite color? Day of the week? Ice cream flavor?
Sent at 11:18 AM on Sunday

pattishenberger: My favorite color is really two colors - forest green and burgundy. Favorite day would be Sunday because, you said it Stephani, it's a lazy day and I'm really good at being lazy. Ice cream I'm much more boring. Normally I tend toward plain old chocolate ice cream, but we have a farm dairy out my way that has the best chocolate almond ice cream. The cows are so friendly there that you can pet them and the high school kids poster paint them every Halloween. I kid you not.
Sent at 11:23 AM on Sunday

stephanihecht72: Oh, I know that dairy farm! I used to go there as a kid. Okay, next question. What was the first romance book you read?

pattishenberger: The Flame and The Flower by Kathleen Woodiness. A classic back then and now too.

stephanihecht72: Shanna by the same author. Then I went on to read every book I could get written by Julie Garwood. I was addicted to her book like a fat kid is addicted to Mild Duds.

pattishenberger: Mine was Jude Deveraux. I've read everything she's ever written. Hey are Mild Duds anything like milk Duds? (G)

stephanihecht72: Be nice, I'm trying to type while eating my soup. The soup really is yummy at Panera. I love the French onion.

pattishenberger: I've got the Cream of Chicken with wild rice. Very good. Ok, let's kick it up a notch as Emeril says. What's the first dirty movie you ever watched, not counting skin flicks from the video store?
Sent at 11:31 AM on Sunday

stephanihecht72: I'm going to say Blue Lagoon, just because I was so young at the time it was dirty to me. My mom kicked me out of the room, but I still peeked around the corner to see what was up. A couple of years later, I watched Fast Times at Richmond High. I was attending a private religious school at that time, so it just shocked my socks off.
How about you?

pattishenberger: It would have to be The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea. An obscure movie that I wonder if anyone but me, my grandmother, my aunt, and my great grandmother went to see. They wanted to see it because it had Kris Kristofferson in it. And it was weird. The kid was watching his mom and Kris going at it through a peephole in his bedroom wall. Then later in the movie this kid (very troubled) performs surgery on the cat without anesthesia. At that point, my family walked out. They are huge animal lovers. So apparently the sex didn't put them over the edge but the cat did.
Very weird movie.

stephanihecht72: Wow! That sounds like one crazy movie. The cat would put me over the edge too.
Speaking of animals? Not very many people know this, but my Ugly Ass Cat has a crush on you. Do you want to take her home?

pattishenberger: Yup, in a heartbeat. I think Peep is so cute, even if she doesn't have real fur. She looks like Dr. Evil's cat in Austin Powers. I bet my annoying rodent boy Ace (really a grey cat) would love her to death.
Even if he couldn't do anything about it.
stephanihecht72: I would be lube at first sight. We could write a romance novel about it. Call it Ugly Cat and the Rodent. I can just see the cover now.

pattishenberger: OMG! I am cracking up. I love that title. The cover would be so scary it would warn people off.

stephanihecht72: We could give ugly cat fifty pounds of flowing blonde hair and one of those bodice ripping gowns. Rodent would have to have no shirt on and a mullet would be a must.

pattishenberger: This makes me want to go home, take a picture of Ace and head for Photoshop.
Ace with a Billy Ray Cyrus mullet. Swiveling his hips to Achy Breaky Heart, while Peep stands at the side of the stage, tossing her flowing blonde hair over her back and then tripping on it when she walks.
If nothing else, it makes for a nice bed for them to sleep on.

stephanihecht72: Then she could throw her itty, bitty kitty panties at the stage!

pattishenberger: Oh good, I almost choked on my sandwich with that one.

stephanihecht72: Why are all the people at Panera looking at us like we're loons. You would think they'd never seen two grown ladies laughing their asses off. Although Patti's would be suitor did put his teeth back in so he could smile and wink at her.

pattishenberger: Oh gross. Okay we are seriously digressing now. See what caffeine does to us?
One last question and we'll send you all back to your regularly scheduled programming. Stephani, finish this sentence about your writing. In five years, I can see myself..........

stephanihecht72: I would like to be writing full-time and making enough to put my son through college and keep my daughter in dance shoes. Hey, if Steven Spielberg ever wanted to make a movie out of one of my books, I wouldn't complain about that either.
Now, it's you turn Patti. You finish the sentence.

pattishenberger: hmmm, this is a toughie. In five years, I would like to be making enough money to not worry about not having money. I would love to be a NY Times best selling author by then, but wouldn't argue if it happened sooner. And most of all, I want to still be writing the books I love to create.

stephanihecht72: Well, we better wrap this up since the manager just came over and kicked us out for causing such a ruckus. He also gave us notice to never, ever, ever darken his doorway again. So next time we will be doing our chat a brand new location. Stay tuned.

pattishenberger: Wait, stop, unhand me. I’m a paying customer. Oh look they have cookies.


Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Sounds like you two had fun. Feel free to call me next time! (I like cookies.)

Patti Shenberger said...

We can do that Cindy!

Lynn Crain said...

You two are just a hoot! I wished I lived close to you are such fun...LOL!


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