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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spirits and Supernatural

Casper the friendly Ghost, the friendliest ghost you know?

Think again. I'd like to bring up the subject of a Poltergeist. No not the movie which happens to be one of my favorites and I just love the ending where they enter a hotel room and he shoves the television out the door.

I am speaking about the real deal. Many people tend to believe a spirit has to be visible. Not true at all. The most common apparition is auditory, as in the case of a Poltergeist. There is one spirit who connects with the world of the living while the others cling desperately in hopes of finding a human host...or not.

The auditory apparitions are the last ones to fade away. They found a way to communicate with the living even though you may barely be able to understand what they are trying to tell us. In the case of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, we find many Poltergeist activity as well as single, angry spirits.

Spirit meaning an actual sentient presence, a "ghost" is a psychic recording. There is a difference between the two.

Now, the "tactile spirit" is the one you need to watch out for. These spirits will make a room turn cold, the hair on the nape of your neck stand on end, they can push you, touch you, and even walk through you. These are the ones found mainly in haunting, although appear less frequently. They manifest into a shape that can be seen, and no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, if you are lucky enough to spot them. There have been reported cases where the occupants of a building have reported feeling the temperatures rise in a room, this suggests that the spirit died in a fire.

The tactile is the most feared and the one that will make you scream while you are trying to get away from it. The very same that will make the breath solidify in your throat to the point where you may even faint. Yes, they are the scary ones. Walt Witman is one of them. The famous author is sometimes seen walking the upper floor of the Raritan Library in New Jersey.

At the old run down Slaughter house across the road from Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital in Marlboro, NJ you will find the tactile spirit of the old man who owned the land. The story as told, was that he owned the passed down property until the government came in and wanted his land.(Eminent Domain) he threatened them with a rifle and protested leaving his childhood home where he also lost his wife. The government waited,the man died, but they never took the land. And it is said that he can be seen waking around the back of the slaughter house with a hatchet in his right hand. visitors who have trespassed have been followed by him. He has also been seen sitting in the rocking chair on the front porch of the house.

There are four main reasons a person stays behind after death. The first reason is the most obvious...the person doesn't realize her or she has died, especially if they died suddenly or violently.

This is a time where they try to contact the living or their loved ones with no success. Sad really. Once the spirit is convinced they are no longer among the living, and it may take some prodding before they truly understand. then and only then will the haunting stop.

The second reason they stay is because of unfinished business or a promise they kept to someone. They feel they have to finish the task at hand in order to move on. This may take some time, hopefully the spirit was a good soul in the world of the living or the person being haunted is is some serious trouble.

The third reason is that the person wants to say goodbye, which doesn't last very long, but they do appear in astral dreams later on.

And the fourth and final reason they remain is they want to offer guidance and protect the ones they left behind. Again this apparition comes in dreamland, provided they can get through.

Scary story I'd like to share. In 1994 I lost my sister in law to a two year battle with breast cancer. Her youngest was only two years old when she died. He sat next to me one afternoon a few months after the funeral and said, "I saw Mommy." mind you he was only three at this point.

I looked down at his shinning little face and said, "You did?"
He just shook his head yes as if it were something normal. So I asked, "Where?" he replied simply, "In the light. She picked me up before I fell down the stairs." My youngest nephew would have died had he fallen down those steps, they were slippery and steep. So I believed him. Children see what we don't because of their innocence. Their little minds are more open to the unknown. Which is why some young children are able to see their grandparents after death.

Some adults are very sensitive to spirit activity. Have you ever gone into a room after a couple argued and felt the tension in the air? Well it's the same when you feel a spirit. Some people feel sadness or depression and illness if the person who died was ill at the time. Some experience a feeling of warmth if the person in life was a good soul. While others can experience fear or regret.

Poltergeists are the most common activity you will find Ghost Hunters tend to attract. The word poltergeist derives from the German word for "noisy ghost."

In this instance you have a spirit that's referred to as the "epicenter" I touched on this in an earlier paragraph. The epicenter spirit is the one who moves them, the one who controls, and the one who speaks. A poltergeist can be found manifesting around a person who is under a tremendous amount of grief or stress.

The epicenter spirit is usually a loner which is why he or she demands company. Some are angry and some are rather good natured. This type of spirit can move objects, they are heard by "tapping."

If you listen very closely you can almost hear some of them speaking at once. But it is the epicenter who will ask the questions to the others and their answers will be a sequence of taps or raps on walls. A poltergeist can become very strong as they add in numbers. For those of you willing to go on a Ghost hunt you can find them lurking through the dark run down corridors
of Willow brook State Hospital in New Jersey.

My next post will be on "Enteties.." Stay tuned.

Until then,

Happy Hunting,

AP Miller


C.R. Moss said...

"The famous author is sometimes seen walking the upper floor of the Raritan Library in New Jersey." really? how cool! lived right down the highway most of my life and never knew that. maybe i should have my sis go check it out. i've heard the Union Hotel in NJ has some activitiy too.
all this is very interesting and i'm enjoying your blogs on the subject.

Erin Sinclair said...

I grew up in Virginia. We have some of the oldest cemetaries in the country, although I'm sure NY and NJ have older ones. One of them is located in old town Alexandria. It was established in 1743. At this particular cemetary you can see the gun powder burns from Civil War cannons that were propped on top of tombstone markers.

In VA we have some serious Civil War and Revolutionary War ghost stories. I think most of them are the "imprint" hauntings though where the action played out there was so traumatic it actually left it's energetic "imprint", a feedback loop of sorts, showing the same thing over and over.

Remind me to tell you all about the first home I lived in during my first marriage. We heard the replay of a young woman being murdered one night, not only did my ex and I hear it, we called the cops and the deputy sheriff who came to take a report heard it too.

AP Miller said...

Wow Erin...I do want to hear about that story...Growing up in Jersey was great because of it's historical nature. George Washington's army fought on the very ground my former home was built on. I often visited haunted places. But yes Walt Witman has been seen many times in the Raritan Library as well as a woman dressed in 18th century clothing. I worked for a Doctor back in 1987 who owned a building that used to be an 18th century tavern. On the left side of the building was the ghost of a revolutionary soldier who was murdered in a fight. I could never bring myself to walk down those steps. Once I got to the landing I was stock still. I felt him down below just waiting for me. It was freaky. He once tripped my colleague in the old basement and made the desk drawers open and close at night.

But I am learning much through my studies and I'm happy to share. But bet on the fact that spirits do live among us. They are very real. Good idea CR, have your sister go there..chances are he may show himself..if not have her prod a bit...


Lynn Crain said...

Very interesting. I've always been interested in this stuff and definitely want to know more.


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