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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting That Email

Okay, you’ve subbed a story and are waiting for that email coming back to you saying if it was accepted, rejected or offered a rewrite/resubmit. The first email you get usually just lets you know that the editor received the story. You open it with your heart in your throat even knowing that there is no way they actually read the story yet, but you still hope against hope that they want to give you a contract. So, you open it and of course all it says is they received your story. Ok, you can breathe a little again and you do the polite thing emailing them back telling them thank you for letting you know they received it. And then the wait begins again. Anytime you see an email response from that editor you will hesitate to open it because you’ll be afraid of a rejection.

I’m fairly new, but I can say that the feeling does not go away. I subbed two stories around the same time when I started. The first one I subbed off a pitch I did at the Lori Foster Event. I sent it in and waited. Then I saw a call for a sweet story for an anthology and thought, what the heck. I subbed something to them as well. A few weeks later I heard back from the sweet and was told to revise and resubmit. I was a little discouraged, but it wasn’t a no. I fixed my story, sent it in and waited again. I go away with my family and happen to check my email. It was on a Sunday and I almost didn’t want to look when I saw the email afraid it would be a no, but it was accepted. I was so excited that my first story was accepted. Of course it was my short for the anthology and I still had to wait on my full. The next day I see the email for me full. I’m having a panic attack. Could I get two yes’ in a matter of days? No, I wasn’t that lucky! lol The editor turned it down, BUT she offered me a lot of great suggestions.

Talk about your highs and lows in a matter of days. I put my full aside and focused on my anthology which is out and already getting great reviews. It is number 3 at Freya’s Bower for their anthology section. I’m very pleased with how my first story is being received.
Now I’m waiting to have my very own story out and watching my emails carefully. Is it possible to become addicted to that feeling you get right before you open an email that will tell you if you were accepted or not? It must be because we all keep doing it!

Have a great Tuesday everyone and good luck to those waiting to hear if their story was accepted.


AJ Llewellyn said...

Well I am not allowed to say what I really want to say I guess until you let the cat out of the bag so i will just say...great post hon!

Lynn Crain said... AJ has me wondering just what is up! LOL!

Good luck on everything you're doing. You are definitely going in the right direction.


C.R. Moss said...

imo, the feelings of hope and anticipation of positive outcomes are addicting as is the adrenaline rush that occurs when that email comes & you wonder what the response is.
& i'm wondering too what AJ means...
any hints? ;)

Jambrea said...

I was accepted as an eXtasy author! :D Jay said I could shout it to the world so that is what I've been doing tonight!

C.R. Moss said...

Congrats to you! That's wonderful!!! Welcome to the 'extasy family!'

Erin Sinclair said...

Yahoo you go girl! I know exactly how you're feeling, like you can't your breath because your so happy you don't know whether to laugh or cry, now the really hard work begins, good luck Jambrea!


Erin Sinclair said...

I meant you can't catch your breath hahaha...see I still can't "talk" whenever I think about it!


AP Miller said...

Welcome aboard Jambrea! Extasy authors really ROCK!


AP Miller

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