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Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello A.P. Miller!

Over the next several weeks I’ll be giving you a peek into who the authors on this blog are. I asked them some quirky questions and got plenty of interesting answers! Today we start off with the writing team A.P. Miller.
Welcome AP Miller!
AP Miller writes for the following publisher(s): Extasy Books, Devine Destinies, Noble Romance, Red Rose and BDSM Books.Patti’s favorite color is green, Andrew’s is blue, both like chocolate ice cream and both are dog and cat people. When it comes to having pets Patti once owned a skunk and a snake. They prefer sunny and warm weather, but if they could live anywhere in the universe, they’d live in NYC because as they put it, “it's the greatest city in the world.” Patti is a night owl and Andrew is a morning person and their favorite day of the week is Saturday. When asked if athletic shoes are sneakers or tennies and if a soft drink is called soda or pop, they responded: Sneakers & Soda
Here’s a scenario posed to the author: “You’re at a conference and an agent comes up to you and says, “I’ve seen your name on the web. I’m interested in taking you on as a client. You have a couple of minutes to wow me to convince me that I should.” You can only plug one book in this short amount of time. What book would you plug to land this contract and why?” APMiller’s response: Title of book Lone Huntress ~ Tag line: Heroines aren't born...they are made. Lisa Huntress was forever left with a memory she will never forget. ~ Blurb: Lisa Huntress is a legendary bounty hunter in the distant future, whose armored visage and legendary "gunhand" strike terror into the hearts of the pirates and hostile aliens she fights. Yet behind the armor is an incredibly beautiful body, but one she has been deluded into believing to be ugly, for not conforming to narrow standards of beauty defined by others. Born on the planet Gaia, and raised in a civilization kept at a hunter-gatherer level by conscious choice, she finds herself torn from happiness and thrust into nightmare, when pirates destroy her Tribe and victimize her, until her rescue by the crude yet caring bounty hunter, Brock Masterson. Brock trains her to avenge her slaughtered kinfolk, but nothing he does can assuage the heartache of a girl torn from her homeworld, thrust from verdant rain forest into a lifestyle in high tech cities, and the infinite depths of lonely, cold space. With her old life gone and vengeance a bitter and unsatisfactory remedy, Lisa has no choice but to grow on her own, or else she will never know true love or happiness. ~ A perk: This is a series slated for animondays on the scifi channel.
Thanks for the information AP Miller!
~ Feel free to share if you have something in common with them ~

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Lynn Crain said...

Way to go, A.P. Miller! Or rather Andrew and Patti! I just adore you're so much fun!

Can't wait to go to lunch again soon!


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