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Sunday, January 11, 2009

An Interview With An Angel -Cam

After months of wheedling and whining, I finally got the Chief of the Archangels, Michael, to agree to let me interview some of the angel warriors. Of course the first one on my list was Cam. It’s no secret I’ve always loved him. So as I sat in a coffee house and waited for him to arrive, I was nervous to say the least.

After several tense minutes, Cam came in. I sucked in a breath as I realized how big he really was. Easily several inches over six-foot. This guy was a tower of muscles and attitude. The black leather pants and jacket he wore emphasized those muscles too. The way he styled his blond hair in messy spikes only added to his bad boy image. He gave me a tight-lipped smile, no doubt to hide his fangs, like the dark glasses he wore hid his bright blue, cat-like eyes. Half demon, Cam was unlike any angel existing. He was also sexy as hell. A fact that didn’t go unnoticed by all the female patrons of the coffee house. Heads turned so fast to get a better look at him there were probably six or seven cases of whiplash. Cam seemed oblivious to all this as he sat down at my table. After a few moments of pleasantries, we got down to business.

Me: Thank you for taking the time out to talk to me today. I know how busy you are with leading the empaths.

Cam: Tell me about it. (laughs) Just cleaning up after Bear and Dina’s messes is a full time job. When you multiply that several times over, it makes it almost impossible to keep up.

Me: So all empaths are a handful then?

Cam: You’ve got to understand something about empaths. They are consistently having to deal with other’s emotions bombarding them from all sides. Since we’ve come to live on Earth it’s even worse, since humans are the hardest to block. So, if they want to let their hair down from once in a while who can blame them?

Me: But you’re still left picking up the pieces after they mess up?

Cam: It could be worse. Michael has to keep all of warriors in line.

Me: Speaking of Michael—

Cam: Oh, God. Here we go. Why did I even mention his name?

Me: How did you feel when you found out he was really your uncle? (Cam curls up one corner of mouth and I get a glimpse of a really sharp looking fang.)

Cam: Great, it was nice finding a new relative. (Even though I couldn’t see his eyes, I knew he was rolling them.)

Me: Come on, Cam. Are you trying to tell me there are no lingering hard feelings after he hid it from you all those years?

Cam: Look I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t hurt when we first found out, but I got over it. I realized Mike had his reasons and I put on my big boy panties and got over it.

Me: So it’s all water under the bridge?

Cam: What are you looking for? Tears, as I talk about how close we are and how we go to the ballpark every weekend? Sorry, not going to happen. The relationship between the Chief and I is complex. I can’t figure it out in my own head let alone being able to talk about it.

Me: How about your mother?

Cam: What about Lehor?

Me: How is your relationship with her? She lied as much as Michael, if not more so.

Cam: I would prefer not to talk about her.

Me: She’s your mother. How can you not want to discuss her?

Cam: (Leans forward and whips off his glasses so he can fix me with an icy glare) Next topic.

Me: But—

Cam: Next. Topic.

Me: (Gulps) Okay, moving on. Why don’t you tell me about Amadeaha?

Cam: (He slowly runs his tongue along his left incisor.) Now that’s a topic I can really sink my teeth into, if you catch my drift. Amadeaha is my mate. Hell, she’s more than that. She’s my life. I don’t know how I survived without her.

Me: So I take it you like her then? (Laughs)

Cam: You have no idea. Before her I was a mess. She really helped me clean up my act. Amadeaha doesn’t even care that I’m half incubus, she just accepts me as who I am. To her my differences don’t matter.

Me: I heard she likes your fangs.

Cam: She, really, really likes them. She likes what I do with them even better.

Me: Amadeaha is the niece of your biggest enemy, Jehel. Have there been any issues because of that?

Cam: You’re not who your family is. Appolion, Abdiel and Rachael taught me that. Amadeaha is nothing like her uncle. Where he’s an egotistical ass, she is caring and giving.

Me: Have any of the other angel warriors had a problem with it?

Cam: They know better. If anyone so much as looks at her cross-eyed they will have me to deal with.

Me: I can’t think of any warrior that would want to tangle with you.

Cam: Then you haven’t met my oldest brother, Ramiel. He still makes me spar with him every night. He says just because I’m the leader of the empaths doesn’t mean I still don’t have to train.

Me: I would love to see one of those matches. Who usually wins?

Cam: It’s pretty even. He’s stronger, I’m meaner. (We both share a chuckle before growing serious again.)

Me: The angel warriors have been in the middle of this war against the Justice Council for a while now. How is it going?

Cam: Not good. Our teams are vulnerable to attacks and they are getting picked off like flies. The bitch of it is we can’t stop sending them out. If we did then the demons would have a field day on the humans. Unlike Jehel and his Justice Angels, we’ve taken vows to protect mankind and we value those vows.

Me: So do you have any idea on how to turn the war around?

Cam: No, which makes for many sleepless nights for not just me, but Mike and the leader of the healers, Raphael. We take each loss of life as a personal failure and we can’t rest until this whole clusterf*&k is over.

Me: Do you wish that you’d never become the leader of the empaths?

Cam: No. I love this job and I wouldn’t trade for anything.



C.R. Moss said...

nice interview! he's a very intriguing fellow.

Ava March said...

Great interview, Stephani! Cam sure is yummy!!

Lynn Crain said...

Very nice and informative interview!

I sure do enjoy reading about your...angels...LOL!


Stephani Hecht said...

Thanks Ava, CR, and Lynn. I happen to think Cam is yummy too.

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