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Saturday, January 10, 2009


As some of you know, I am attending college for a degree in Paranormal studies. Of course people want to know if they do exist. Some for the sake of connecting with loved ones who have traveled over, some just for the sake of knowing something other then humans exist.

During my studies I can assure you that they do indeed exist. They don't go to heaven as we would all like to think but rather to another plane. See life is on a timeline, a straight line as you will or what some call a "plane."

Have you ever gone to a place you knew to be haunted and actually felt the hair on the nape of your neck stand on end? Or felt a warmth surround you only to smell something familiar, the scent of a cologne or perfume? Don't shrug the feeling off. It is our loved ones trying to reach out to us.

Even though they are gone in physical form, they aren't gone in spiritual form. If you listen closely you can hear them speaking. How many of you have had a vivid dream of a lost one?

They are called "astral dreams" These are the dreams in your subconscious mind that allows a loved one to get through. Don't ignore these dreams, they are in fact real.

Each week I will bring more information on the spiritual world in hopes of helping those who have lost a dear one to the other side and want to know.

I am not John Edwards or a medium...I am only here to provide you with the facts. If you have questions feel free to ask.

Until then,

Be good to one another...

AP Miller


Erin Sinclair said...

Yes to all commentary about experiences...all my life. As for scents definitely. My old roommate said she would always smell roses around me when I was rooming at her house. Then one night my girls, she and her grand daughter and I were all meditating to native american flute music. Her granddaughter told me after the meditation was over she was lying down with her head on her grandma's shoulder and just relaxing, when she jumped because she saw a Native American Indian (I've known him for sometime, he's Grandfather to me but a couple of mediums totally unknown to one another have given me the name of Two Feathers) holding the hand of a little girl. They walked over to me while I was in meditation and he put a single white rose on my hands. She said he was huge with long black hair, a quill breast plate, leggings, very strong features, with two feathers, braided into his hair, sometimes he comes to me old sometimes around my age, but his energy is so intense, even people who aren't "into" this stuff have literally seen him or felt him. Interestingly enough I receive a lot of "messages" involving feathers as harbingers of notification. I totally believed that little girl because she was one of the most psychically gifted children I ever met.

Lynn Crain said...

I do believe in ghosts and most everything in the paranormal world. I have heard from loved ones many times.

When my best friend from high school's mother died, within a week a had heard from her on various issues.

The same with my own mother. Sigh. In times of need, I always can hear my mom's voice as if she's standing right next to me.

I find the whole paranormal study very, very interesting.


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