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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ghost Hunting 101

"Whose watching me?"

Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched then turned around to see no one there? Truth ARE being watched. seems that most people are so tuned in to real life that they are missing the big picture that surrounds them. In my daily class studies I am finding more supporting research that when we die we don't actually go to "Heaven" but we move onto another plane in our lives. As the very fictional words "Death is only the beginning" were spoken in the movie "The Mummy" no one realizes just how true that is.

What happens to our bodies is death indeed, yes people who have truly experienced near death do see a bright light. That light is what you see when you make the transition from your living body to your spiritual form. You move to a different plateau, but you are still an earthly being.

This is where I want to bring up Entities.

They are considered by many people as angels or demons. As strange and bizarre as this sounds, an Entity has never lived as a human and this type of manifestation is fairly uncommon. The real culprit is a ghost or a spirit. An Entity in an evil form can and will be very dangerous. They can and will cause harm whether provoked or not. They do it out of envy and anger.

If the entity is an angel, they come to protect and for no other reason. The angel will only be seen by the individual it chooses to witness.
The angel will only appear during a near death experience or if there is a tremendous amount of stress a person is feeling. Which is why people who do see the angel drastically change their lives after that.

A Demonic entity is very rare. They will only enter a persons life if they are called, ie: divination spells, black magic, Quija boards...When using the Quija board the demonic entity will fixate its angle on the individual who is less likely to believe, thus possessing them. This is usually the God fearing person, they are more manipulative. So take care when using the Quija board. These demons will appear as a friendly presence when in fact they are just waiting for your invite to create havoc.

If it does strong suggestion is to notify a Priest ASAP...

To Happy Writing,

AP Miller

1 comment:

Erin Sinclair said...

Remind me to tell you a Ouija board story the next time we see each other. Ouija boards are portals, they are actually neutral in nature but unfortunately people's preconceived notions will attract energies that vibrate to them. Most people have superstitions and training that invite the lowest vibrating energies, hence the board's reputation for problems. Personally I don't trust them therefore I will not use them but I've known people who have no issues.

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