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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hello AJ Llewellyn!

This week we take a look at AJ Llewellyn. I asked him some quirky questions and got plenty of interesting answers!
Welcome AJ!
AJ Llewellyn writes for the following publisher(s): eXtasy Books.AJ’s favorite color is purple, he loves coconut ice cream and hazelnut gelato and is a dog and cat person. When it comes to having interesting pets he has a gecko in his garden in Hawaii. While the gecko eats all the spiders, AJ turns a blind eye and mentions that half the time the spiders are six times the gecko’s size. He likes warm weather and sun, but also likes the rain. “No rain, no rainbows.” If he could live anywhere in the universe, he’d live in Hawaii. He says, “It’s in my blood. I spend half the year there. Working on full time. Part of the reason is it’s half the distance Los Angeles is to Australia and my family would visit me more.” AJ is a morning person. His favorite day of the week is Friday. This is his story behind his favorite day, “I was born on a Friday but as a kid growing up, Friday meant no more school for two days and it was also fish and chip night. And cream buns for tea. We grew up in Sydney, Australia, raised by our grandmas and this was our routine. Fish and chips came from the local Chippy in newspaper with two huge potato scallops thrown in. I imagine now nutritionists would freak about the newspaper part but I tell you, it added to the flavor. I can still taste them. I miss those Friday nights. I watched British comedy shows like On the Buses and Are You Being Served and ate my cream buns…” His favorite number is 5. “The number of change in numerology, but I am a person who craves order. So go figure.” When asked if athletic shoes are sneakers or tennies and if a soft drink is called soda or pop, he responded: Tennies, mate! & Soda. But I love saying pop. It seems…naughty somehow!
Here’s a scenario posed to the author: “You’re at a conference and an agent comes up to you and says, “I’ve seen your name on the web. I’m interested in taking you on as a client. You have a couple of minutes to wow me to convince me that I should.” You can only plug one book in this short amount of time. What book would you plug to land this contract and why?” AJ’s response: I would say, “Phantom Lover, published in September 2007 by eXtasy Books. It is the first in a best selling series of novels about a gay couple, Kimo and Lopaka, who are hula dancers and who are happily married, yet are faced with constant challenges in the paranormal realm.
“Kimo has a secret life as a kahuna, a high priest and his marriage to Lopaka has enhanced his powers to such an extent that the happier he becomes, the more powerful he is and therefore his power is coveted by others. Now they have three children together and their baby twins are tapped to be the greatest healers the islands have ever seen. As the series progresses, they face danger even from people they thought could be trusted.
“I researched ancient Hawaiian black magic and discovered hidden vortexes that most white people never see…but this is essentially a love story. A love story that I never get tired of working on...incidentally, there are some wonderful, eccentric characters in the story, including Lopaka’s grandma who’s just found the man of her dreams, assorted magical family members, living and deceased, and oh yeah...chickens that lay blue eggs. These chickens can only be found in Hawaii. The first four books are out in paper back and there are fourteen books published in the series, with six more to come…so far.”
LOL…how’s that for an answer? Thanks for your time CR, this was fun! AJ xoxo
& thank you for the information AJ!

~ Feel free to share if you have something in common with him ~


Jambrea said...

Love the interview. :)

AJ Llewellyn said...

Thanks so much for asking such interesting questions CR I enjoyed this...


C.R. Moss said...

thanks guys & you're welcome AJ. i had fun doing this with the members & i'm glad to help out my friends and get their names out there.

Lynn Crain said...

I always love to learn more about AJ! He's such an interesting character. And that's in a very good way...LOL!


Stephani Hecht said...

I love my AJ! Great interview.

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