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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Sexual Revolution

I thought I would talk about sex through the ages today. I am following the History Channel which is airing this subject all week long. Irony? It seems our ancients were just as willing and promiscuous as our present society is today.

Back in the days of Pompeii they had prostitutes. They were singled out by the way they coiffed their hair. The top would be neatly placed while the back would be displayed down along their backs. The Romans were openly sexual. They would display lust within the public eye without shame. Strange I see couples doing that very same thing today...

Society as a whole expects us to have morals and respect for the opposite sex, but there are many different kinds of relationships. Back in Rome they did have gay, and lesbian relationships. It was huge in Roman royalty just as adultry and incest was.

Society expects us to behave in public and behind closed doors yet they can't conceive the idea and the nature of what our ancestors did throughout the years.

Take the Regency period, there was more open sex then there is today. The roaring 30's brought in the Flappers, cigarettes, and sex...the 60's brought in flower power, Woodstock, drugs, heavy metal music, free love and SEX!

So what's so different about today's society? "Prudes." The part of society who would love to re-write the bible and make it law. The old farts who will continuously remind us all that sex is a bad thing, that it's a sin to lust for another person other then for the simple act of procreation.

Give me a break! Sex is what it is. It isn't something taboo or dirty. It is a normal physical act that was embedded in our brains for the sake of showing love for each other. And heck let's face's fun!

So the next time your feeling lust for your special someone think back to what was done centuries ago...we are no different today then they were...

Happy New Year,

AP Miller

1 comment:

Lynn Crain said...

I'm also finding this series very, very interesting!

I just love the History Channel!


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