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Monday, January 12, 2009

Gotta Love the Golden Globes!

Last night was one of my favorite nights of the year...The Golden Globe Awards! I love it all. The dresses, the stars, the winners and the losers. The reason this award show is so much fun is because all of them are sitting around eating and drinking quite a bit before they get up on stage. So you never know what's going to happen or who's going to say what. It's one giant crap shoot, which is why they've got that lovely 2 second delay....which by the way they had to utilize a few times last night.

Most Fabulous Moments of the Night
I was thrilled that Kate Winslet won for both categories she was nominated in. I believe she remarked that she'd been making a quite a habit of losing. Not anymore Kate! She looked stunning in her sleek, black gown. She's such a natural beauty and not a stick figure. It's so refreshing to see a woman with some curves! She's absolutely gorgeous without a lot of extra fluff. Her acceptance speeches were lovely, if not a touch long, but God Bless her you've gotta make the most of it once you get up there.
Tina Fey is absolutely hysterical so it's no wonder she won in the comedy category she was nominated in. In her acceptance speech she pointed out that if you ever feel too good about yourself..."..there's this thing called the Internet." She then proceeded to tell various people, via their screen names, that since she's won they can all "Suck it!". Too funny! Really though... isn't that the vindication most of us secretly dream of? She also looked beautiful and wore a surprisingly sexy dress. Why is it comediennes aren't usually seen as sexy?
Slumdog Millionaire...the little movie that could..and did! This was a classic "Cinderella" scenario. This small independent film, made in India with a completely unknown cast. Really quite incredible the way it's burst onto the International stage. The funniest part of the acceptance speech was when they needed to use the 2 second delay because the producer accepting the award said F*** when they started the music to cut him off. It should be noted that right before that he mentioned the 3 martini's he'd just had. Ah, ya gotta love it! You know they were all freaking out up in the control booth. There was also the moment, I can't quite remember when or who...but some guy in the audience gave the finger and the camera happened to catch it. Again...I can only imagine the scene in the control booth. Today, someone from that room is probably filing for unemployment.
I know there are several other award shows coming..SAG and most notably The Oscars. However, the Globes are always the best because of their unpredictability. It's the one award show where the gloves are off and all the stars let their guard down just a little and show how they're really just human beings like the rest of us.


Anthology Authors said...

Funny, but I live in LA and never watch the award shows. I enjoy the clothes, but the rest of it... It's just never been my thing. (shrug) I do like Kate Winslet, though. She's never let Hollywood get to her, and she's a fabulous actress. :)

C.R. Moss said...

sounds like it was an interesting show. kate is a wonderful actress. i'm looking forward to seeing Revolutionary Road. and Fey's remark of "Suck it!" was reminiscent of Kathy Griffin's stand up routine and remark at another awards show.

Lynn Crain said...

While I didn't get to see the awards, this year, I do love the hype about them big time.

It's always nice to dream...LOL!


Anonymous said...

I was an original career LOL! So all of the acting stuff still hits home....sigh....someday ;)

Stephani Hecht said...

I love to watch the red carpet before the show to see what everyone is wearing. Yes, I'm guilty of looking for the worst dressed ones too,

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