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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Zombie Love

By A.J. Llewellyn

One of the most coveted, most stolen books in the Los Angeles Public Library System is a book called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
I figured this title had to be a joke at first. I discovered the joke was on me when I realized Austen's novel of love and small minded British folk was not the only classic to receive the 'mash' treatment. Authors are weaving zombie tales set during the same era in and out of the original texts.
I took the time to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and was fascinated. I love the movie 28 Days Later and had always understood from my work as a script reader that zombies are political metaphors. Suddenly, they are so much more than that.They are sexy.
Studio executives are turning away vampire stories in favor of zombies, but like vampires, the new breed zombies are hot and sexy...and romantic.
I did some research and saw that a few erotic romance authors are penning zombie tales. I pondered the thought: Can I do this?I decided the hot new trend being trilogies or collections of short pieces could be combined with erotic, romantic zombie tales could be a winner. I approached my publisher Tina Haveman who had to be convinced.
She thought I was smoking wacky tobaccy when I first suggested it until she went online as I cradled my phone against my ear and she could see how huge zombies are.
"My God," she said. "They're even putting zombies in Tom Sawyer!"
Yup. And now, thanks to my two frequent co-authors D.J. Manly and Stephani Hecht saying yes, My Zombie Pride, a trilogy of hot, lusty gay zombie stories has been released.
My story, With This Ring focuses on a TV writer who meets his dream man. Jude has an unusual problem, he can't sleep, has an erection that won't quit but there's something odd about him...I wonder what?LOL.
D.J.'s story Louisiana Lust combines voodoo and a hot prospect: zombie hookers.
Stephani's story, Salting Zombies is like a gay Romeo and Juliet.
Oh, the agony, the ecstasy! The Blood!
Check it out here:
And forget everything you ever thought about ugly, face-falling-off zombies. Zombies are hot, baby. And they have gay pride.

Aloha oe,

1 comment:

Lynn Crain said...

I wondered which one of us would jump on the zombie bandwagon...LOL!

It looks like a very interesting book! Thanks for sharing.


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