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Saturday, March 13, 2010

My baby girl!

OMG! My baby girl is 5 now! I can't believe it. Her birthday was this week and she told me that she grew overnight, convinced that her feet were farther down in her bed than they were when she had gone to bed. And she is not to be argued with, kind of like her mother, she is always right. I am sad, so wish she were growing slower. I don't think I am going to make it through her first day of kindergarten without tears.

Knowing that there will be no more little ones for me, I am looking at her, now 5 and going to school in the fall, and think about what I will do next. She is going to be in school, no more reason for me to not do what I have been telling myself I am going to do when she starts school. Which is go back to school. I just haven't completely decided what for, I kept thinking I had so much time that I didn't need to decide right away.

So not only is she growing up and making me feel old and sad, she is also making me think about keeping that promise to myself. Will I decide finally if I want to go back to school or not? I could always use the excuse that she isn't going to be in full time school for another year. So I will put it off, I am an excellent procrastinator after all.

So today is her party and I went all out for it. We decided on having an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter tea party, costume party for her birthday. I made her an Alice dress, I am going to be the red queen, and made a corset out of playing cards. My hubby is the Mad Hatter, her big sis is the Cheshire cat. It should be a blast!

We all went to the new movie yesterday and it was really great. My baby girl was frightened a couple times, but for the most part she loved it. I was really surprised she got scared at all, she does run around telling people she is a vampire LOL.

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