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Monday, March 15, 2010

The biz side of things

The past week to me seemed to be really long. Why? Because I was caught up in the business side of writing and not on the creative end which put me in what I've been affectionately calling 'website hell.' For quite some time I've wanted to get my own domain. Then last week I was creating some promotion items to send out and got caught in a bit of a snag. I needed to put my website info on the items but I didn't want to use the link I already had since I planned on a new site. So to take care of that problem I got my own domain ~ finally! Thing is, due to finances and my need to have control of said site, I had to set it up. Oh boy. Luckily, it has a program where one doesn't need to know HTML/coding to create a page. All I have to do is upload and type in information. Yeah, not as easy as it sounds. Very time consuming. Then of course once I had it all up, I thought, hmmm...I could do it a bit differently. So back into the 'hell' I went. It still needs a bit of tweaking. And I'm reconsidering new graphics than the ones that came with the template I'm using but at least now I have it, along with a personal blog that offers my latest news, reviews and interviews. If you're interested, you can check it out here:
Now that it's almost complete, I'm hoping my muse, Adam, will come back from vacation and I can get back to working on my 'Cat' series.
Have a great week!

C.R. Moss


AJ Llewellyn said...

Hi CR,
Very interesting post since I spent all morning on the 'biz' side of things when I badly need to write. Some days it's hard to find the balance. Having a domanin name is vital and I struggled with various website maintenance people and only recently found an awesome guy on Craiglist - a rare good Craigslist story, yay!
I think the more we can do to 'network' the better.
Good luck to you in all your efforts. You are an awesome person and a writer and I want to say congrats on the recognition your Si Ludo series is getting,


C.R. Moss said...

Aww, thank you AJ. You rock too!
I hear ya on the balance aspect. I keep hoping that one of these days everything will click and work will run along smoothly.

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