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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Interesting Things From The Web

As a writer, things frequently come across from my desk from which I get a hearty laugh or I learn something important for my writer’s journey. Some are downright comical while some have a great message for each of us no matter where we are in our career. Here’s my most recent list of items from the web...I hope you enjoy!  

This is an absolutely fun Aids awareness ad from France. 

An absolute must see if you are doing an e-query!  

Writer friend Kerri Nelson’s blog and how she just got ‘The Call’ which is interesting and very informative.

For those looking for some fantastic free blogging templates. These are some of the best I’ve seen!

This is what NOT to do during your pitch session. Watch and learn how to turn everyone against your book! LOL!

Great video about getting an agent. This one is a little slow loading, so give it some time.

A very good in-depth blog about working with agents and editors.

A list of romance publishers with workable links. This list is by no means complete but it is a great place to start.

This RWA chapter offers some great online workshops at very reasonable prices. It’s worth checking out as the classes are fairly quick and the ones listed would help any author. 

This is another site for online classes. They look to have some heavy hitters here and post things in blocks of six months. All classes appear to be of good quality and importance to beginning or seasoned writers.

Well...there you have it...ten websites to make you laugh...and help you learn. Hope this gives you all some inspiration! See you all next week with more tales from the writing world!


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