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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Two weeks ago I mentioned one of my guilty pleasures in the form of writing conferences. As I am currently at one of those right now as you read this, I thought I would let you in on a few more of interests.

Now as a writer, I have a wide and varied interest pool. By this, I mean there are many subjects that catch my attention and hold me in their thrall. History is one thing which can just suck me in and many times, it doesn’t matter what the piece is about because I am like a sponge in this area. So much so that I started a notebook for all the things I record on my DVR. And believe me, there are many times when it’s almost full. LOL! 

Here are just some of the things currently on my DVR waiting for me to take notes: Cleopatra-Portrait of a Killer, King Tut Unwrapped, Sci-Fi Tech (10 episodes), and The Doctors.

Last week, the Discovery Channel had a day of nothing but Egypt and I was gaga with pleasure, think I had died and gone to heaven! Egypt is one of my all time favorites and I just love the history. I had a professor tell me once that I was a natural at hieroglyphs because I could match the patterns so easily. The only reason I didn’t stick with it was because I wasn’t sure I wanted to relocate to would have been so fun!

Sci-Fi Tech is teaching me all about what is and isn’t possible in the science fiction world. Ever think about if warp drives could really work? Well, I do almost daily. The last episode that I did the notes on was about if a death star was even possible and there are some ways using some of today’s technology in which it might be possible. The series has a whole bunch of good science and great ideas. MOF, I am planning on using some of them in my Orchid series. That book will be coming out in the fall.

In regards to The Doctors, this series is both a guilty pleasure and something I watch to learn all the latest in the world of medicine. These people have some very practical advice as well as giving you the scoop on all the fads, weight loss ideas and even plastic surgery thoughts. This is a well done, audience driven show which gives me a lot of practical advice. Want to know the latest on the new diet craze? They’ll tell you. Want to know what’s the best product for teeth whitening? They’ll tell you. Want to get the scoop on how to live longer? They will tell you.

This series has made me look at things differently from diet to my mental state and I can actually say, listening to them has made me more aware of a lot of things. Since I started watching them in early November 2009, I have lost 18 pounds and plan on keeping it off. I can give these people partial credit as they do have some great things on their shows.

So, here’s how it plays out in my mind: while I may indulge myself with these guilty pleasures, I always get something out of it. How about your guilty pleasures? Anything you want to share? Please do and you’ll be in the running for my next release...which hopefully will be this month!

Just an FYI, I do have non-writing guilty pleasures as well. I can’t go a week without seeing Caprica, Bones, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice. I swear if Temperance and Booth don’t get together soon, my new flat screen may be feeling the effects...LOL!

Hope you all are having a great week! See ya next week!



Erin Sinclair said...

Sees dark chocolate and raspberry bonbons, any Sees dark chocolate, but no nuts, calling in sick when I'm not and having a day to myself, manicures/pedicures even when I shouldn't spend the $$, love gourmet cooking shows when I should be studying or writing (maybe I should consider culinary school? :-), I have more than I should have, now that I think about it. ;-)~


Lynn Crain said...

I sometimes revolve around sweets myself. LOL!

But I just love the gourmet food my husband feeds me a about a guilty pleasure! LOL!


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