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Monday, March 8, 2010


Hi all! Boy am I running late today!
I'm trying to catch up on some promomotion work now that I have another new book cover. Well, three actually for my upcoming 'Cat' series. And, said promotion concerns author interviews. One I finished and sent off this morning is an interview of Myrddin, the frisky feline familiar who's in my Look What the Cat Dragged In books. Then the next interview I'm working on had me looking up some information online. In my research I came across an interview of Jude Deveraux. She said a couple of things that caught my attention and I wanted to share. One is that she, "watches TV and movies more than I read because when I read, I start editing in my mind and it takes the fun away from the book." I found that interesting because I, and I've heard it from a couple of other author friends of mine, do the same thing. The second tidbit -- "I have an editor who keeps me from repeating myself. She circles the words that I use more than once on a page. Sometimes it's a real challenge to use different words. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to say the "roar" of the alligators without using that word in every sentence." So editors' pet peeves are universal! lol! Any-hoo, it's nice to know that whether you're a beginning author or an established money-maker, there are commonalities. For the full interview visit:
Oh, and if you're interested in seeing my new book covers, one is to the left and the others can be found on my website.
C.R. Moss

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