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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Exercise Grumbles

So I've finally gotten off the couch and started exercising. I've tried to walk every day for fifteen minutes. And last night I sucked up the courage to re-join Jazzercise. My legs hate me right now. After class I felt like I was walking on jello. This morning, I'm in pain. But it's a good pain right? Pssh! No, still pain.

Okay, so what I want to know is why is it that I go to class and sweat like a pig, my makeup runs down my face and I smell like...well, like sweat. And these two woman who are absolutely stunning look the exact same after class as they did coming in--hair perfect makeup fresh, still smelling like freakin' flowers.

I know I will grumble and complain for the next few months (I promise not to do it here on the blog) about the pain and strain of exercising, but I've got to believe it's gonna be worth it, right? I mean, by summer I should have a smoking hot figure, and maybe my core muscles will actually be able to hold me up. LOL

Anyone else start a new exercise regiment lately? I'd love to commiserate with you.


s7anna said...

I can totally relate Johanna...I recently have ramped up my determination to lose some serious weight. I gave up sugar...went on chromium supplements to battle my sugar cravings (it was really tough initially but I'm handling it better now).

I also tried out I wasn't able to move for the next couple of days after...I felt parts of body that I'm not sure I was meant to...LOL

Lynn Crain said...

I have. Or rather, I'm just kicking it up a notch and walking almost three times as much. I'm going to do that for a few months before I even attempt a jazzercise class.

After all, I want to make sure I don't fall over my first day in one...LOL!

Good luck on the class. Exercise is a very hard thing to start and stick with no matter who you are.

And yeah, women like the ones you describe utterly fascinate me. I want to know their secret. LOL!


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