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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Busy Week

I have a lot to talk about this week.

First, I’ll be turning in More Than Robotics this afternoon. Everyone who is a BSG fan will like it since it has a similar theme. It is the second book in the Orchid series and is about a group of people and another group called clonedroids. The clonedroids, bio-cybernetic units, have been programmed to replace key human personnel but there is a faction of them who think it is wrong and side with the humans. Then there are those of Orchid who have been genetically engineered or altered or had cybernetic replacement parts utilized when they have been severely injured on a mission. Not all members of Orchid are cybernetically enhanced but they understand their mission parameters and know they may become one of them.

The book covers a short period of time when a group of clonedroids are trying to take over the ship the Hannibal from Captain Bekka Taylor. She is being protected by the cybernetically enhanced Orchid operative, Lieutenant Javid Malik. But Bekka has her own secrets as she was once known as the Fiery Phoenix by those with her in the academy. She must reconcile just who she is before she love again and become a leader in this offensive against the clonedroids.

At this time, the book is slated for an October 1 release date. I’ll keep everyone posted but I am just so jazzed it’s in the can, so to speak.

Second, I was privileged enough to see the film What Goes Up with one of the producers Saturday evening in Las Vegas. I went with some trepidation as I had heard from my DIL, who's the producer's niece, that while she thought the first cut was good, it had some issues. And unfortunately, I am very critical when it comes to movies due to my writing background.

I have to say I was truly amazed at the quirkiness and depth of this story. Yes, it did have some issues. There were places where I would have liked to have more in-depth characterization, there were places I thought the pacing was slow and it had some disjointed action. The acting was good and dead on with what characters had on their plates. And in all honesty, this is the type of movie that comes out of the blue and ends up a cult favorite. It is that good in some strange way.

It’s about the week leading up to the space shuttle Challenger disaster. So, maybe part of this is because I can remember this week so well myself. I was just out of college and worked for Lockheed. We were on top of the world and it just came crashing down on us all that Thursday morning. I can't imagine having the whole week being that bad. LOL!

Then again, maybe it's the part about being adult enough to understand when you've done something so wrong yet there is no way to ever take it back. I remember this lesson well too.

Or maybe, it's just that the misfits are so true to life I can empathize with what is going on in their lives. I know I would have been devastated if my favorite teacher had died during my high school years no matter what the cause. Still, it would have been worse if said teacher had committed suicide. I was angsty enough then to have wondered if it were my fault in any way at all as some of these students did.

Adding all these elements up, you have one heck of a story that can appeal to the masses. And I have to say in an odd, quirky little way, I liked it.

And last, another author, Lex Valentine, is desperately searching for a place for her three adorable kitties. Something has happened so she has to give them up. She lives in Southern California, so if you all know anyone in need of some feline companionship, send them her way. Here’s her blog for you all to drop by and see them here:

That’s about it for this week. See you next.



Nancy G said...

I'll look for the movie, but I'm in the midwest so who knows when we'll see it here. Wish I could help with the kitties, as I do love them, but again, I'm in the midwest, not Southern Cal. Don't know if my Purrsephone (my cat) would appreciate it.

Lynn Crain said...

Thanks, Nancy, for stopping by.

I'd like to help with the kitties as well but I already have three. And they do think they own the house as it is. LOL!

I'll put your name in the hat for the prize at the end of the month!


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