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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Penis Envy

By A.J. Llewellyn

There isn't a man alive - I don't think - who hasn't done something absolutely crazy, stupid and otherwise mental in the name of love but cutting off your own penis?
That's just too much madness...even for me, the ultimate romantic.
A 25 year old man in Qena, Egypt just whacked off his wang a couple of days ago because his father refused - for two solid years - to allow him to marry the woman of his dreams. So according to news reports, he heated up a knife and sliced off his pecker.
I'm betting it won't get him to the aisle any faster...according to reports, his family is upper-class and they routinely marry other upper-class people, often extended family members. This last part might start to explain the nuttiness behind the desperate act.
The doctors in the hospital were unable to reattach his dick and the young man in question is still in hospital recovering.
Now what in the world is his beloved supposed to do with a guy with no er...twig? Will the giggle berries suffice?
Did he think this one through?
No, obviously not.
Now he's gonna have a miserable life as a soprano...sorry, a miserable life as a self-mutilated eunuch.
Having researched eunuchs for my book "Love's Blood" I don't envy his future. Until I researched the topic, I had no idea the pain and discomfort eunuchs experience.
The article does not mention what the doctors were able to do for the young man, but he will never be the same again. There will probably be a tube inserted so he can pee - like a woman - but in the end, I wonder if it - she - was worth it?
In America, most of us would elope. Especially at the age of 25. We take our freedoms for granted here, that's for sure.
I do wish him a speedy recovery, but it makes my one 'mad love' episode of driving into a fire hydrant seem so...normal.
What about you? would you chop it off? What's the craziest thing you ever did for love?
Aloha oe,



Sage Whistler said...

Ugh! I don't even have a wang and even if I did, no way would I chop it off for anyone. He'd be better off defying his father and running away with the girl. Surely he could manage that, even if they had to live in poverty and he had to get a real job--its better than peeing out of a tube. This ranks right up there with the guy I learned about in CJ class. He was in prison, and he intentionally contracted HIV so he could be moved to the ward where his lover, already infected with the disease, was staying. Then five months later the couple broke up and he starts suffering complications soon after that. I think God for my common sense every day.

Lynn Crain said...

OMG! What are people thinking when they do stupid things like this?

I agree with you, AJ, it's not about the big picture. And while I can understand the young man's dismay, I can't see how self-mutilation ever helps because there is only one person it hurts...YOU!

This is so sad but it does say something about our society. Though, I'm not sure I want to hear. I think I want to be like cute bunny and raise my arms, singing to myself 'lalalalala!'


Celia Jade said...

I've heard of angry women cutting off men's penises but this is the first time I hear of a man doing this to himself. Yuk. I have a kinda dumb question--How does a guy pee after that?


Jambrea said...

Um...I don't have one...but now I hurt. Wow. That is just crazy. I can't understand hurting yourself for love. Of course I have the freedom to choose as well. Being in a different country there are different rules. I don't understand the lifestyle where the choice is taken away from you. It is sad that this was the option instead of running away.

AJ Llewellyn said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! He will pee like a girl to answer the question. They fashion a tube from his insides...out...not fun.

Celia Jade said... gross about the tube...
It gave me goosebumps thinking of it.


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