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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brocks Locks

There was an article in my local paper about a week ago of a young man named Brock Nowak, who for his 13th birthday donated 10 inches of his long blond hair to Locks For Love. He has been growing his hair for three years and even after they cut off the required 10 inches, he still has hair to his shoulders. This is an amazing young man in my opinion. To be so selfless at 13 years of age is a wonderful thing.

His mother is very proud of her son the article states and I can see why. She has raised a kind and caring individual who thinks of others first, rather than himself. Interestingly enough, Brock does not care what others think of him. He said in the article that "Sometimes it is better to be unique than average."

You know what, he is right. I would love to be thought of as a unique person rather than just being remembered as being ordinary through out my life. Brock, I applaud you for what you did and I hope others take note of it and follow suit. I truly believe it is better to give than receive.


AllureVanSanz said...

Awwww. What a cute kid! Whenever I see or hear about good boys, I start piecing together a love story for them. "Oh when he grows up he's going to fall in love with a nurse," or "He'll grow up eccentric and a borderline hermit because no one understands the depths of him...Until SHE came along..."

Is there no end to my story telling addiction???

Bravo to Brock! May he have a great life to mirror his greatness.


courtneybreazile said...

That is so cool. I donated my hair to locks of love about four years ago, and if i ever cut that much off again i would do it again. No reason to not recycle it, and having a mother who had to wear wigs while going through chemo i know how expenzive they can be and how necessary to get through the days, especially at first.
It is awesome to see a kid know the importance of what he could do with something as simple as hair.

Sue C. said...

Great Kid, great idea Patti. I value the 'ordinariness' of parts of my life, but love the quirks and perks than mark me as unique.

George said...

My husband and I donated our hair to locks of love back in 2004 -- I donated 14 inches, he donated 15 inches!

I have donated to locks of love three times, usually around 12 inches each time.

I am tired of long hair. I doubt I do it again....


Lynn Crain said...

What an interesting kid! And he's absolutely correct. Being unique is cool and doing something like this will help form his whole outlook from now on.

Nice post.


C.R. Moss said...

what a wonderful story! such a great kid for doing something so nice.
thanks for sharing!

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