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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Every Day!

A while back i saw a couple on a morning show saying that they had, as she had given him for his fortieth birthday, had sex every day for a year! OMG!
It has recently come back into my head because my ten years together, seven years married, anniversary is next Friday and i don't know what to get for my husband that is not too expensive but says, hey i have been with you this long i think i will stick it out for a while more. Does sex every day for a year say that? It certainly says hey i will be here for the next year. Don't get me wrong, i love my husband but dang, i don't think i would even like sex after a year of obligatory sex. That would not be a great gift to my husband in the long run then.
This couple claims they didn't miss more than a couple days a month, averaging 28 days of sex per month, which would be impossible for my husband and i since we often travel without the other, but not including that how is it even possible? Did they never get sick? Never have that time of the month? Or fight? What about little kids with nightmares or family functions. Ever try doing it quietly in a tent surrounded by tents full of family and children? Not gonna happen. Come on, it all just seems unrealistic to me.
Anyway they claim it helped them be closer and blah blah blah.
I remember my husband and i trying to get pregnant, that took over a year, then trying to go into labor ugh, by the end most of the sex seemed so objective oriented, not so much fun. Why ruin a good thing by making it mandatory? Its like in school when you take a class subject you enjoy in your spare time, then your forced to do it every day not when you feel like it but just because someone else says you have to do it, not so much fun anymore.
This isn't the only couple out there with this kind of story, and they aren't all a year. One claims 101 days, others a month- which seems almost plausible, and a more realistic goal.
So what will i get my husband for our anniversary? I don't know but i can almost guarantee it will last longer than a promise of a year of sex :) And most importantly he will know i love him just the same.
So what do you think?


Erin Sinclair said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it. My first thought was what about that time of the month too hahaha.

Yeesh, how about a nice set of sports equipment or a really great vacation some place fun?


Lynn Crain said...

LMAO...this is an interesting post...but in my younger days, I could see it happening. Maybe that's because I've been lucky in my life to have fantastic lovers.

But the libido goes away with age and hsaving sex is more of an after thought or truly because we want or need to. Yeah, it truly does relieve an itch occassionally. LOL!

Still, I am like you and I could never commit to something like this for a year. And for some of the very same reasons you've talked about.

Good luck in your search for a perfect birthday gift. I'm sure you'll find something.


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