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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Happy Saturday-

I am going to shamelessly self promote today. First-here is a pic of me and my sister in law, I am on the left, we are wearing t-shirts with the cover of my coming short story, Lover's Stone. It will be released on monday at It is my first e-book and I am super excited about its release. I am chatting today about it at castle in the sky flight of fantasy, yahoo chat group. You can head over there and chat with me and win prizes :)

Now a little about the book:

June 15th 2009 (e-books

Lover's Stone: (An Entwined Destiny Short Story)
Jasmine Jones doesn't believe in love, or the power of the objects she is hired to find. She uses her secret ability to be the best thief around, better even than Cole Grubman. A super smooth thief who shows up on the same trail as her, more often than she likes. Will destiny decide that they are true lovers? Or will Jasmine's refusal to make herself vulnerable keep their passion a wistful memory?

She Doesn't believe in love, until it shows up behind her in silk boxers.


"It was one AM when Jasmine slipped into the dark house. Dressed in a black cat suit and gloves, she blended with the shadows—not that anyone was around to spot her anyway.
She crept through the rooms, letting her senses guide her flawlessly through the lightless spaces clear as day. She made it to the bedroom and found the stone carelessly stuffed into a nightstand. Obviously Mr. Wellesley didn’t think the stone was that precious or priceless, or perhaps he was just that confident in his security. Jasmine couldn’t contain the scoff at his stupidity.
She held the unassuming thing up in the moonlight. It appeared to be nothing special—a smooth black stone about the size of her palm. But it was heavy, easily three times as heavy as it should be for the small size. It heated in her palm and she wrapped both hands around it, drawn to its warmth. The warmth soon spread up her arms and into the rest of her body. Jasmine closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of it, of the comforting warmth. It was like being held tight by a familiar lover. "
I hope you all go check it out on my website. Thanks for letting me shamelessly self promote for a minute :)

Courtney Breazile


Lynn Crain said...

Congrats, Courtney, on your new release. It's always a happy day!

Here's hoping for many, many more to come your way!


Celia Jade said...

Hi Courtney!

Have you ever been told that you both look like sisters?

How neat!


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