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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big News's big for me and I can't stop grinning! Liquid Silver contracted my story Magnus. The first in a series I'm calling Semper Fi. My head is still spinning. Let me share my time line with you. lol

On Saturday, June 6th I made my pitch to the Liquid Silver editor. She requested my first six chapters. The event wasn't over until Sunday and I needed Monday to recover. lol

Tuesday, June 9th - Friday, June 10th, I polished, with some help, my first six chapter. Around 11:00am that Friday I send in my chapters.

Friday at 12:44pm I get the message that the LS editor has my 6 pages and synopsis

Friday at 9:33pm (About 9 hours later!!!!) I get the request for a full.

I spend Friday night through Sunday polishing up the rest of the story.

Monday at 11:38am I get a nudge to send the full (can you hear me screaming here? lol)

Monday at 12:55pm I get confirmation that they have the full

Tuesday at 11:08am I get an email offering me a contract!

See why I'm on cloud nine? lol


Rhonda said...

WTG, Jambrea! Congrats and I'm just a reader, but that sounds like it went pretty fast. But then your books are AWESOME!!!!

Jambrea said... always make me smile! :D It WAS fast, that is why my head is still spinning. lol

Thanks Rhonda. :D

C.R. Moss said...

Awesome! Congrats!

Bonnie H said...

Congrats!! How exciting :D

Anonymous said...

That is sooo awesome! Congrats Jambrea!

Lynn Crain said...

Good for you, Jambrea! Contracts are always good!


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