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Monday, July 13, 2009

Tattoos ~ for or against?

My husband had been considering getting a tat for years. His apprehension about it was getting one that meant something, not one that followed the latest trends/fads ~ like the barbwire tribal bands. So years pass and the thought of a tat came and went, came again. In 2005 he participated in the SilverMan triathlon. He finished in 12 hours and figured out what he wanted his mark to be ~ the SilverMan logo ( It’s now on the back of his calf. Originally the logo was black and white so now he wants to add silver to the tat. He’s also thinking about his next one. (I hear they can be addicting.) It’ll be a runner’s shoe with wings to start then after he qualifies and completes the Boston Marathon he’ll add to the winged foot to show that accomplishment.
I on the other hand hadn’t contemplated getting inked until we moved to Vegas. Due to my other job, I can’t wear bracelets or rings so I’ve thought about ring tattoos. My left ring finger would get a Knotwork Claddagh or maybe something like this
and my right, this: but in black. I haven’t committed to those yet because 1 – I’d like to lose weight first & 2 – Getting inked is a huge commitment and permanent condition. I don’t know if I’m ready for those terms.
Then the other day I saw a woman we know from the running club and she told me how she and some other ladies from the club went out together and got tats. She told me who got what. Hers, an aborigine symbol, means something to her. The others, not so much. This got me thinking again ~ if I were to get inked with something other than rings, what would I get that would mean something to me? Then it hit me – a tat in relation to my first NY published book/series. (Yes, I’m developing a series to submit to a NY house.) I imagined the tat, a colorful phoenix surrounded by Chinese symbols for Wu Xing (the five phases). Of course my next thought was ~ Hey, I’m already published and in print so why not develop an image in regards to that series? But what? So I let my mind chew over that concept. (I have a lot of time to contemplate all sorts of matters while I work at my other job.) This is what I came up with

If I get my ‘book’ tats, they’ll be on my ankles. But, again, I’m not sure if I can make that kind of commitment.
Maybe I should test run the idea of a tat in henna first…
What’s your opinion of tattoos ~ for, against or indifferent & should they mean something to the wearer or not?


vickyb said...

A lot of my friends have tats - one even got her book cover done on her back! But me? Nope. I prefer my artwork to be on my walls, not my skin. Or maybe a tee shirt or other clothing.

BTW, congratulations to your hubby for the races! An admirable achievement.

C.R. Moss said...

Thanks for your comments Vicky. I had felt that way too ~ artwork on walls not on skin ~ but now... I'm not sure what changed my mind. perhaps nearing middle age and wanting to reclaim youth? lol!
& I'll pass along the compliment to hubby.

ccastano said...

Addicting..yes they are!I started with one that had my children's names, then went to two more that meant some other things. Next Saturday, number four gets done for my birthday. My husband just got his first recently, a fire fighter tattoo once he made the fire department, the other brothers have one too. He's thinking about the next already, lol. It happens!

C.R. Moss said...

C ~ yep, that's what people say. get one then want another. that's cool about your kids' names and the firefighter tat.

Jambrea said...

I have six. Each and everyone one has meaning for me. They are addicting and I can't wait to get another one. :) My husband didn't have one until after he met me. heehee. My first one I got in the state of Indiana before it was legal to get one. We had some law on the books about the only person able to use a needle had to be in the medical profession. The person who did mine actually went to jail to help make it legal. So my first has a bit of meaning. The second I got while I was in tech school in the Air Force. The third was a gift my friend and I gave each other for Christmas. The fourth was after I was discharged from the military. The fifth, my husband designed and the last one I have is my son's name. :)

People talk about weight and tattoos. I have one on my stomach that I worry about. I go up and down, but so far it still looks good.

I also have my tats where people can't see them. Except my wrist, which I hide while at work and my ankle, which I also hid for work. I guess you can say I'm for them. heehee

Erin Sinclair said...

I can appreciate the art work some of it is very beautiful, but I personally wouldn't get one. First, I practically pass out when it comes to needles, second, I have freckles, I'll just play connect the dots and have original art work whenever I want ;-) haha. However, I think henna is totally cool and think it is a viable option.

As for your tat, I say Si'Ludo with the two stars rising over a calm ocean indicating the prophesy is about to come to fruition, but that's just me! LOL


C.R. Moss said...

Thanks for your input Jambrea and Erin!

Lynn Crain said...

Believe me, it's been a thought for many, many years.


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