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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Sexy or Not So Sexy Cover Art

The other day while I was on another loop, a topic came up that caught my eye. The subject was regarding cover art and the part of the conversation where I joined the statement had been made that cover art sometimes was just too darn sexy.

Huh? I must admit, I’m a cover art slut. I will pick up any book that shows a little skin and when I send in my cover art requests for my own books, there is almost always a picture attached where I’m showing my publisher exactly what I like. See, while I like a lot of skin, I don’t like a lot of other parts showing in my cover art. I want to leave a lot to the imagination for my reader. I want the characters on the cover to match as closely to the book’s characters as possible. And I want my readers drooling.

Yeah, you heard me correct...drooling. I want them craving for more, I want them to know my characters intimately and I want them to know that for the first time when they pick up the book. And the only way they are going to have a great first impression is to have a sexy piece of cover art to stimulate their minds.

So, with that in mind, I want to do a poll. I’ve put together twelve pictures of what I consider sexy. I’d like to know your opinion. Remember for every comment you make, you’ll be entered into my August get away. Just ask Debby who won an iPod last month.

For this poll, tell me why you like a certain picture and if I chose your explanation, you’ll get a free copy of any of my books and I mean any of them. Please realize that these can be used as background or the main picture. I usually like my pictures layered so for me, there’ will be more than one picture used. No, these pictures just spoke to me and I thought each of them sexy in their own way.

Now for the pictures (note that each have a number under them for your use when commenting):

Weren’t those great? Remember to give me your opinion on them before next week to win a free copy of any book you choose from me.

I’ll be traveling today and won’t see you all till Thursday but keep those comments coming!

See you then!



Eva S said...

Hi Lynn,
I love sexy covers, but I want men in my covers! Your covers are all sexy, but if I should chose that's why I'd go for the first 5, especially nr 5. I like to imagine the faces of my heroes...And I love dark heroes!

Lynn Crain said...


I like men too. I guess I should have put a few more with men...just didn't think about it...and I have some real sexy men.

Thanks for dropping by and you're name is in the hat!


Tamsyn said...

Hello Lynn,
My choice would be no. 3 - sexy yet not too revealing and I always love the wet look! :o) Tamsyn

Regina said...

I liked #5 out of all the ones you showed, but I think that lighting and content play a big role in if I like or dislike a cover. I love a man's ripped torso with a hint of more showing! Just manly!! The woman is optional!LOL But I really don't like the big burly men, just rugged Alpha studs!!

Stephanie said...

I have to say I like the couple pics the best-either m/m or f/m-but most important to me is that the cover tells what the story is about. Skin or no skin-though skin is nice :) I like to be drawn in with the pictures and the excerpt or blurb on the back.

CJ Parker said...

Don't care for #6. Wish I had #8's legs! #9 is a turn-off. Sorry. #11 is beautiful. #12 I can take or leave.

Karin Shah said...

I think number three is the hottest. I like number four too.

Lakisha Spletzer said...

Hi Lynn!

You chose 12 awesome pics and I'm freaking out trying to pick one! But if I had to choose one it would be number 3. Nothing sexier than kissing in the rain, clothes plastered to your body and the heat of the couple's passion for each other creating steam.

Amy S. said...

I like 3 and 4.

Erin Sinclair said...

I love number 5, the black and white gives it a book noir feel. I like when the cover art shows the models' spectacular bodies but not their faces allows the reader to use their own imagination. :)


char10 said...

hi lynn,

# 3 is very sexy ,but # 4 is pretty hot too.

Lynn Crain said...


I love the wet look as well and #3 is one of my favorites!

Glad you stopped by!


Lynn Crain said...


I just love a man's ripped torso as well but not too much. The muscle bound guys are a turn off...LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!


Lynn Crain said...


I'm with you on liking couples. There's just something about a couple that is hot! I also agree that skin is nice as long as it's not everything showing.

And I am so with you about the blurbs and excerpts. I so love them to match the cover because then I can look back and imagine the characters exactly.


Lynn Crain said...


I so understand about the way you feel concerning #9. And I too wish I had #8s legs. LOL!

#11 is one of my favorites if I wanted a girl on my cover. And there are some stories where it's better with only one character or another.

Thanks for stopping by!


Lynn Crain said...


#3 and #4 are my favorites as well...although I do like all the pictures in some weird way.

Thanks for stopping by!


Lynn Crain said...


I like all of them too!

I so know where you're coming from with #3. I too love the rain, the kissing and the clingy clothes. I have a great imagination when trying to put a story to it.

Thanks for stopping by!


Lynn Crain said...


I like #3 and #4 as well. I think they're cool and can give me lots of ideas!

Thanks for stopping by!


Lynn Crain said...


I really like #5 for that very same reason. There were a few covers there which used the same scheme and I was really intrigued by them.

I so understand about the no faces thing. I like to imagine what the characters look like as well.

Thanks for stopping by!


Lynn Crain said...


I love #3 as well. It's just so sexy. I've seen #4 on a few covers and thought it great!

Thanks for stopping by!


C.R. Moss said...

love #3 because it stimulates the imagination. 9-12 i don't like ~ in 9... is she servicing him? & the others is too much of the obvious.
& yeah, where's the men?

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