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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

By A.J. Llewellyn

Yesterday I made a shocking discovery when I ran a Google check on my name. A major pirate site is back and doing business under a new name. I found many of my books there, as requested and provided by thieves who think it is okay to steal from me and thousands of other struggling authors.
It is not okay to steal from me.
It is not okay to infringe on my copyright as author. Or my publisher.
It is not okay to think it is fun and groovy to upload stolen merchandise.
My biggest shock was when I joined the site and followed the links for my books – included my most recent releases.
You can bet it hurts to see my books uploaded in the hundreds when I struggle to pay my bills and rely on my income from selling books.
This site has gone a step further than the other internet thieves. They downloaded my books – and others – in a coded format on at outside site. However if I type my name in the exterior site, it comes up blank.
Nice, huh?
Cap that off with the fact all these illegal, stolen books are now happily packed with Twitter, MySpace and Facebook codes so the whole world can violate you.
This morning, after numerous legal threats and complicated “takedown” forms filled out, my books are still listed but the pirates are moaning because the links are dead.
I need to watch vigilantly because they will return.
I found a thread labeled:

[link removed]

And was shocked by what I read:

Check it out:

15 Jul 2009, 15:35

Recently we received some serious threats from some copyright individual owners and organizations.Due to this fact we had to refer to a Dutch lawyer to give a clear legal repulse.But I`m sure it was not the last case.Since I`m not able to pay the lawyer myself I found a media company who agreed to take all the juridical legal expenses but in turn there may appear few text links. We are still negotiating what kind it will be.Upon our agreement they should not prevent from easy site browsing so you can be sure that the site will stay 100% surfer friendly, don`t worry.As soon as we don`t like it I will work to find a better alternative.Have a good time staying on xxxx.
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tobyb121 15 Jul 2009, 16:08 #
Thanks GD, I don't think anyone can complain about subtle advertising in return for the prosperity of this site.tobyb

Bibliophile 15 Jul 2009, 16:18 #
Agreed :)Also, if you ever created a "donate" button, I'm sure that many of us would chip in.

GraveDigger 15 Jul 2009, 16:28 #
Bibliophile said:Agreed :)Also, if you ever created a "donate" button, I'm sure that many of us would chip in.I keep this option in mind too thank you

Rizzano 15 Jul 2009, 22:51 #
We are with you and Asti 100% GD. And also, I am in a agreement with Bibliophile on the donate button.

adbit 16 Jul 2009, 04:48 #
I too agree with you 'GD','toby','Bib' and 'Riz'.We will face such situation together.

.Okay, so get this.
These people want to donate to a fund for the right to steal legally copyrighted works but don’t want to spring for the $3 or $4 to actually buy a book?
What gives them the right to think it’s okay to steal?
Music and Movies were the beginning. Hard working authors are being robbed left and right.
Attention must be paid.
Aloha oe,


Erin Sinclair said...


No surprise they found a lawyer to help them with it. Feed the sharks enough chum they are yours for life. We really need to start petitioning our individual state's congressman to increase the strength and the punishment of copyright violation laws.

Outrageous and unbelievable.


Lynn Crain said...

I agree, it is horrible and awful.

BUT the real awful truth is that you get rid of this one and 5 more popup to take it's place. And a lot of the software used almost makes it impossible to read the darn book if you're a reader.

The best we can do, is to turn them into places like the FBI, CIA and Interpol because each and everyone of those groups takes pirate sites seriously and they have the funds necessary to take them down. It is an international crime now and the law does come down on them forcefully.

Not only do I fill out all the forms necessary to take down these sites, I make sure I fill out the forms of the entities I listed as well as the ones for that country.

So, if they are a Dutch company, go to the Dutch conselate site and see who you can contact specificially with your complaint. I guarantee there is someone.

There is a proactive, professional attitude and then there is whining. Make sure you aren't doing the latter but have prepared statement for them. This is the statement you write with all the bitching and moaning you can put into it then refine it until it's beautiful and exactly what you want to say without all the emotion because this is an emotional issue.

But you must resign yourself to understanding you will never stop everyone. There are people who will steal and rob you blind but there are enough good people in the world to overide all those bad ones out there.

Take care!


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